How To Work Offline In Google Chrome

 It is possible to read web pages in Google Chrome even If you are not connected to the internet i.e. you can Work Offline In Google Chrome (offline browsing ).Browsers like Firefox and IE full support the work offline feature and it is easily accessible in them.

Work Offline In Google Chrome.

Whenever a page is opened inside Google Chrome,it connects to internet and collects the information and displays it on the screen.If you are not connected to the internet an error message will be displayed.(see below image)

There are two methods through which you can use Work Offline In Google Chrome feature.

Method 1

The offline browsing option is easily accessible in Firefox and IE but in Chrome it is little complicated and you have to get a little deep inside the settings.Follow these steps to Work Offline In Google Chrome.

  • Open Google Chrome and type chrome://flags/ to access experimental feature page.
  • Search for “Enable Offline Load Stale Button”.
  • Select ‘Enable’ against this option
  • Restart your browser

Now whenever you are offline and try to open a page,you will get an option to load the stale copy i.e. ‘show saved copy’  


NOTE:- This option will be available for those pages which have been opened previously and also the cache of that page are present.

The page opened in this offline mode will be very similar to the original page.But resources which require an active internet connection like videos will be replaced with placeholder images.

Method 2

In this method you need to install an extension named “Quick and Dirty Proxy Flipper”.You can get it from Chrome Web Store or Click Here

After installing ,click on the extension icon on the top right of chrome to choose a proxy server.By default it will be set to ‘SYSTEM’ which means browse online(see image below)

Select http://locahost:8080.Your internet traffic will now be routed to your own computer.The requests for new webpages will fail but the saved pages/videos visited earlier can be visited again.

To return and work online,Just click the extension icon and select ‘SYSTEM’ again.

Quick and Dirty Proxy Flipper has many others features which you can check and try

TIP:- Both the methods are useful to work offli ne in chrome  but they have a little difference.Method 1 is usefull when you are actually offline and don’t have access to internet in any manner.

Method 2 is helpful when you have access to internet with limited DATA i.e. when you use 3G serviceservice and don’t want to waste your DATA reloading the same page,hence this method prevents chrome from connecting to Internet while other apps can still connect to internet.

This was the guide for How to Work Offline In Google Chrome.I hope this will help you out,If you face any problem or have any query relating to it then you can contact me by commenting below . If you find this article was helpful to you,then please share it with your family,friends on Facebook,Twitter,Google Plus,etc.Do SUBSCRIBE us or Follow us on Facebook for more such interesting topics.



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