Find Your Web Browser’s Secret Tricks

Find Your Web Browser’s Secret Tricks:Do you spend a lot of time surfing internet and it’s quite obvious that you will be using any of the browser for this purpose but I bet you that even spending a lot of time on your Web browser you would have barely scratched the surface of what you can do with it and these Web Browser’s Secret Tricks will surely save you a lot of time while surfing internet.After reading this article you will be able to Find Your Web Browser’s Secret Tricks.These Web browsers are stuffed with useful,hidden tricks but it might be possible that you never come to know about it but don’t worry we will help you Find Your Web Browser’s Secret Tricks.Some of the Web Browser’s Secret Tricks are listed below:-

1. Reopen Closed Tabs

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Closed a tab accidentally?You will be thinking what’s the big deal in it,just open history and open it again but what if I tell you the keyboard shortcut of it.Simply press CTRL+SHIFT+T and your recent closed tab will open. If you want to access the Menu (Firefox and Chrome) from your keyboard press Alt and then you can use the arrow key to navigate to it.

Find Your Web Browser's Secret Tricks,Web Browser's Secret Tricks

2. Give Websites Their Own Browser Windows

If you use some selected Website a lot like Facebook,Twitter,Gmail,Pinterest,etc.Then you might want to give it little more consideration.

In Chrome,open the Website you want and head to menu>Select More tools>Create application shortcuts.You will now see a pop-up asking you to create application shortcuts on Desktop,Start Menu and Pin to Taskbar.Select the desired and click create.

For IE users,Go to the Website and point your mouse pointer at the website’s icon in the address bar,drag-drop it to your Windows taskbar.By these methods the website will get it’s own unique window.


3. Pin Ta

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bs for Easy Access

Pinning tabs is another option for quick access to your mostly visited website’s.If you use a lot of tabs at once then pinning tabs is a good option for you as it takes less space and these pinned tabs will load on their own whenever you open your browser.

Find Your Web Browser's Secret Tricks,Web Browser's Secret Tricks

For Pinning a tab,right click on the tab and select Pin Tab (For Chrome and Firefox)

4. Sync Your Browser Tabs and More

The Browser sync feature let’s you save your browsing data,bookmarks,etc to sync to your other devices and I guess that you are also aware of it.But do you know that you can even sync a list of your open tabs between devices.By using this feature you can have the advantage of continuing the same tabs on your Smartphone which you were reading on your laptop/PC or vice versa.

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To use this feature you need to use the same browser on both devices and you must be signed in from the same account.

 5. Keyboard Shortcuts for your Browser

Using shortcuts from your keyboard can save you a lot of time.You can easily find a list of shortcuts over the internet.Some of them are listed here:-

Ctrl+F: Allows you to search the current page

Ctrl+T: Allows you to open a new tab

Ctrl+W: Allows you to close the current tab

Ctrl+Tab: Allows you to switch between open tabs.

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