How to View Saved Passwords in OS X:Keychain

How to View Saved Passwords in OS X:Keychain- Keychain is a password management system developed by Apple,Which can store your passwords and helps you autofill when required.If you store your passwords via Keychain in OS X and details of websites like social network details,banking,etc.This feature is quite useful but can also make you  forget your actual password and now you are solely dependent on autofill to enter your password.But there is no need to worry as you can View Saved Passwords in OS X after reading this tutorial.

It is possible that after some time you may be able to recall your forgotten password but the situation gets even more worse when you have used Apple’s automatic password creator while creating an online account.Fortunately this random password would have been stored in your Keychain and from there you can View Saved Passwords in OS X by the method discussed here.

Follow the tutorial step by step to View Saved Passwords in OS X:-

How to View Saved Passwords in OS X:Keychain

1. Open Keychain Access on your Mac by navigating to Applications>Utilities.You can use app like Alfred/Spotlight.

View Saved Passwords in OS X,View Saved Passwords

2. Select “Login” from the top left-hand pane.

3. Enter the part of the URL of website whose password you are trying to retrieve in the search box for eg if you are searching for your Gmail password than try searching for gmail or 

View Saved Passwords in OS X,View Saved Passwords

Note:- Depending on what you have saved and how you have managed your Keychain in the past,you may see multiple entries for single username.This is because you may have entered password in Mail or any other program on your Mac also the saved password in your browser for autofill will be shown.

4. When you have located your keychain entry,double click on it.

5. This will open a new window,make sure that the box against Show password is checked.

View Saved Passwords in OS X,View Saved Passwords

Alternate Method:-After locating your Keychain entry,instead of double clicking on it you can right click on the entry and copy it to the Clipboard(press Shift-Command-C).

6. After doing so,you will be required to enter your Keychain password(which is the login password for most people,Hopefully).

After entering your Keychain password,your password will be revealed or copied.

By the above steps you can View Saved Passwords in OS X:Keychain.Now you can use this password to login for the website from any other computer,etc and make sure to make a note of it to prevent yourself doing the hassle again.

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