Unlock 3G Dongle for all Sim Networks 100% Working Methods

Unlock 3G Dongle for all Sim Networks:The facility of internet on Mobile resulted in a tremendous growth of internet usage.The big factor for it was the benefit of using it on the go.Another “Device” which can let you use internet on the go with better internet speed is 3g dongle/net setter/modem anything which you prefer to call.Dongle is your best buddy whenever it comes to use internet over your laptop (Just Plug n Play).Now you can also create a Wi-Fi zone anywhere using Dongle.

Unlock 3G Dongle for all Sim Networks

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The Mobile number portability has given us the freedom select any service provider we wish to.But the 3g Dongle we use are locked to a particular sim operator only and this makes us feels bounded of using their service even if we like to try other service provider.I have a good news for you,if you are not satisfied with your current dongle sim operator then you can try other sim operator on the same dongle by breaking its lock and in this tutorial i will show you how to Unlock 3G Dongle for all Sim Networks.You can use this method to Unlock 3G Dongle for all Sim Networks and try other sim networks which provide better internet connectivity with cheap rate.

Unlock 3G Dongle for all Sim Networks:Tutorial

Below are method to unlock your 3g Dongle which are equally applicable for Dongles like Vodafone 3G Dongles, Airtel 3G Dongles, MTNL 3G Dongles, BSNL 3G Dongles, MTS 3G Dongles, Reliance 3G Dongles, Beetel 3G Data Card, Tata Docomo 3G Dongles, Huwaei E 173, E 1731, E1732, E 175, E153 Dongles.Read carefully and follow the one which you prefer

Method 1:Unlock 3G Dongle for all Sim Networks (Premium)

In this method we will use DC unlocker.This is a great tool to Unlock 3G Dongle for all Sim Networks and in order to use their service, you need to buy credits from their site

Unlock 3G Dongle for all Sim Networks

  • Download and Install DC unlocker.Click here
  • Open DC unlocker and connect your 3g dongle.Select Modem manufacturer and model of Dongle(Auto detection Recommended)
  • Now scan your device and wait for it to finish.
  • Click on Server and enter your username and password(the one which you got after purchasing credits from DC unlocker site)
  • Now click on unblocking and then on unblock.

Wait for the process to end and within seconds you will Unlock 3G Dongle for all Sim Networks.

Method 2:Unlock 3G Dongle for all Sim Networks (Free)

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  • Download and install Universal Master Code.Click here
  • Connect your USB 3g dongle.

Do not use the default sim,use a new sim instead

  • Now enter the IMEI of the Dongle.Look behind the dongle for it.
  • Click on calculate button and it will provide you with two options i.e. Unlock Code and Flash code.
  • Now install Huwaei 173 Firware Update.This will update the firmware.
  • Install Huwaei Dashboard or Huwaei Mobile Partner to your system.
  • Go to Tool>Options>Profile Management and create a new internet profile in Huwaei Mobile Partner.
  • Add APN and Access name details for your new profile.

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NOTE: There are many other softwares over internet which can easily Unlock 3G Dongle for all Sim Networks.You just need to enter the IMEI number and it will calculate the unlock code.Be precautious for trying any unknown software as they may harm your Computer.

Thanks for reading this article.I hope you will now be able to use any sim on your Dongle without any problem but if you are still facing any problem for any step in this tutorial,then let us know by commenting below and we will try to help you out as soon as possible.

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