Turn Your Router into a Super-Router using DD-WRT

Turn Your Router into a Super-Router using DD-WRT:The use of WiFi has increase tremendously.WiFi is also known as wireless local area network(WLAN).With the help of WiFi many devices can be connected to internet it at the same time..The signal of WiFi can cover a limited area and if you move further from this area the signal strength of WiFi will decrease and you will be disconnected from it.Normally a WiFi should be able to cover all of your home area so that you can use it from anywhere.But if somehow if you are not getting a proper signal strength and the WiFi signal gets on dropping than you can Turn Your Router into a Super-Router using DD-WRT so that you can take proper advantages of it.Installing DD-WRT can bring tones of other extra features but before we talk about that let’s discuss what is DD-WRT and what are it’s benefits as it Turn Your Router into a Super-Router.

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What is DD-WRT

DD-WRT is a Linux-based firmware for wireless routers and wireless access points. It is compatible with several models of routers and access points.Replacing your current firmware with DD-WRT can actually  Turn Your Router into a Super-Router.Any Router is bound by their software and this is what DD-WRT does,it pushes the hardware to it’s extreme limits.Read the complete tutorial to know how to install DD-WRT and Turn Your Router into a Super-Router.

Benefits of using DD-WRT

After replacing your default firmware with DD-WRT you will experience new features like antenna power,overlocking,port forwarding,Internet filtering which are usually locked by your default firmware.Your harware is same,setup is same the only difference of firmware can Turn Your Router into a Super-Router using DD-WRT.

DISCLAIMER:Changing your router’s firmware may void the warranty of the product and it can result in unintentional consequences though it has a very less possibility.It is suggested to do your homework well.We or Our Blog is not responsible for anything wrong happening to your device.By continuing you agree to be responsible for anything that goes wrong.

Turn Your Router into a Super-Router using DD-WRT:Tutorial

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Things you need Turn Your Router into a Super-Router using DD-WRT before starting:-

  • A  DD-WRT supported router:Make sure that your router is compatible with DD-WRT as DD-WRT does not support all routers.Search the database to find out if yours is supported.

Turn Your Router into a Super-Router,Turn Your Router into a Super-Router using DD-WRT

  • If you see anything specific or not,check into the Router Database.Here you will find links to forum pages of those who’ve completed the process for specific models and setbacks they have found and you will also find links to compatible version of firmware.

Turn Your Router into a Super-Router,Turn Your Router into a Super-Router using DD-WRT

This forum will give useful information for your particular model,you can follow the download link as well as read the complete procedure on what to do in full detail.

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Installing DD-WRT

Some steps may differ depending on your router but the general instruction are almost similar.

1. Hard reset your router before updating firmware.It usually requires a  30/30/30 procedure.

Turn Your Router into a Super-Router,Turn Your Router into a Super-Router using DD-WRT

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2. Hard wire your router when updating the firmware.Never go to Wireless.

3. Use Internet Explorer unless specifically stated for other browsers.

Hard reset your router as explained above,wait for the lights to retutn to normal.Now hard wire it to your laptop/PC and turn off any wireless connection.

Open IE and go to your router’s default page.The username and password will be written at the back of router.

  • Click on Router Upgrade link.
  • Browse the image file and upload it,wait till the router reboots this may take upto 5 minutes.
  • When ready login to your router.

DD-WRT’s IP address is, the username is ‘root’, and the password is ‘admin’.

You will see a new interface.Again hard reset your router to solidify your installation and prevent any issues.

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