Top 5 Best Screen Recording Software For Android Smartphone [Video Screen Recorder]

You’d probably heard about screen recording softwares for Pc for recording the screen while doing various activities to illustrate the running events in your video and capture them .You can also capture any how to videos and presentations .Can also be used to record streaming videos and audio’s .It was a lot of mess before Android Kitkat  i.e. You’d to connect your Android smartphone to pc in order to record the current homescreen .But this problem has been resolved in Kitkat Version of android i.e. Google now has screen recording support for kitkat version of android . This helps the developers to give a simple yet helpful video support to the customers .

In this article I’ve compiled a list of Best Screen Recording Software For Android Smartphone .Note that all these apps require  your device to be rooted .You will find five apps that you may download to record your current screen as a video .

List of Best Screen Recording Software For Android


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1.Rec. (Screen Recorder)

Rec. is one of the best screen recording software for android smartphone that let’s you store the current screen activity in the form of a video and saves it to the device storage or wherever you would like it to be unless it doesn’t compromises with the file size .You ‘ll have the notification on the device home drop down mainframe .All you need to do is select the Bit Rate in which you want the recording to encoded  in and the duration ,and the audio using the phone’s microphone .The salient features of this wonderful app are :-

  • The timeframe is provided for recording the video however you can also pause or stop it any time you feel convenient .
  • Longer screen recording with Audio – record for up to 1 hour.
  • Inputting audio using the mic (microphone).
  • Shake the device or simply switch off the display in case you want to stop the recording before time .
  • Save the best working configuration as presets .

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The free version provides you with 5 minutes of recording and the audio recording lasts for 5 seconds .

Best Screen Recording Software For android

2.Screen Recorder For Kitkat

Screen Recorder is a simple app from akexorcist available on Google playstore for free .You will find special features in this app like setting up the preferred and desired screen resolution for video .It is of the Best Screen Recording Software For Android Kitkat . The special features for this app are as follows :-

  • Setting up the preferred screen resolution ,recording time,Bitrate and countdown timer .
  • Sound and vibration on recording startup and end of the video recording .
  • The recordings will be saved in /Sd Card/Screen Recorder  .

Best Screen Recording Software  for android

3.Scr Screen Recorder Free

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Although like every other screen recording software for android this software also requires your device to be rooted .You can record the video for upto 3 minutes ,with a watermark added to it .This app doesn’t have any main interface of it’s own which is wonderful option because when you start or stop the Screen Recording app ,It also captures the software that is used to record the screen .But in Scr Screen Recorder you get a very brief navigation panel consisting of a rectangular box that includes three buttons for recording ,accessing settings and the other for exiting from the app.

Note :- It is a Beta preview .So it may not work on all devices .

  • Records great quality screencasts .
  • Supports Nvidia Tegra that offers graphic acceleration support .
  • Turn Off the screen to pause the video for 2 seconds .
  • Image Transformational using Cpu or Gpu .

Best Screen Recording Softwared

4.Screen Record (for KitKat+)

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Screen Record (For Kitkat+) is a very simple yet elegant app .It simply allows you to set the time in which you want the video to be recorded and the name of the recording and simply click on start recording to start the recording .In this app you can specify the time of recording which can be amaximum o

f 120 seconds on the free version and 10 minutes on the paid version i.e. Screen Recording pro

Best Screen Recording Software

5.NO-ROOT Record Screen to Video

It is by far the best screen recording software for android smartphone moreover unlike others it is available for free .the salient features of this app are :-

  • This app is full version without any watermarks and ads etc .
  • High recording frame rate i.e. 24 frame per second (Fps) to record HD videos .
  • No time limitation ,record the video as long as you would like to .
  • Own and share your videos .


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