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Stop iPhoto From Launching Automatically When You Connect a Device:Tutorial

Stop iPhoto From Launching Automatically Stop iPhoto From Launching Automatically:A Mac user would be aware of what iPhoto app is and  what it is used for.This app comes by default in your Mac and will automatically pop-up whenever you will connect a device to your Mac, this app makes transfer of Photos between devices very simple but it’s auto launching […] Continue reading →

How To Create Gif Images On Windows -Best Softwares For Creating Gif Image

How To Create Gif Images On Windows Pc |Best Software For Creating Gif Image| : Gif stands for Graphic Interchange format that is a simple image can be created or converted into multiple frames that shows the extended or completely different images on the series of limited frames .Gif images are cool ,Funny and shows the […] Continue reading →

How To Recover Permanently Deleted Messages/Emails From Gmail

Recover Permanently Deleted Emails From Gmail In  my previous article I wrote about “How To Recover Deleted Messages/Emails From Gmail “. As it turns out there is a way to recover Permanently Deleted emails from gmail i.e. Trash Deleted emails . This is a short and simple method with some help from our friends at Google Back End ,You can definitely Recover Your Permanently […] Continue reading →

How To Recover Deleted Emails/Messages From Gmail

How To Recover Deleted Emails/Messages From Gmail There are times when we delete some useful email/messages or attachments accidentally .But it turns out that the email contained some important information regarding some event or any useful content.Well in this article I am going to show you How To Recover Deleted Emails  From Gmail .Sometimes we delete the emails/messages in bulk without  realising […] Continue reading →

How To Restrict Access To Control Panel and PC Settings In Windows

If your Computer is being shared by other members of your Family or Friends and You need a feel to Restrict  Access To Control Panel for other users to prevent them messing up with your PC settings,then you are at the right place.You can Enable/Disable  access to Control Panel with a simple tweak.This will ensure that […] Continue reading →

How To Hibernate In Windows 8/8.1 – Enable Hibernation In Your Latest Windows Pc

  How to Hibernate In Windows 8/8.1 I had a hard time figuring this out myself .So,I thought sharing this info with all of you .As a matter of fact most people prefer to hibernate their Pc .Instead of Shutting Down or Putting it in Sleep Mode and that’s because it’s the best way to […] Continue reading →

How To Fix/Resolve Destination Path Too Long Error – Windows xp/7/8/8.1

We often come across many windows or File or OS errors all the time ,But  “Destination Path Too Long Error ” is one of a kind.The error can arise due to many reasons .You won’t be able to rename the file .The reason of this kind of error is that the source file name is […] Continue reading →