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How To Download Facebook videos Easiest Method – Windows xp/7/8/Mac

How To Download Facebook Videos Easily on windows & Mac Facebook is the best social Networking site connecting millions with billions everyday whether chat,message ,video you name it .Facebook let’s you upload your custom video onto your timeline which is a spectacular option that letting your friends see your cool videos and have them have a whiff of your social life .Well downloading these videos […] Continue reading →

Facebook Introduces ‘Safety Check’ Tool For Disasters

Safety Check Tool by Facebook When a disaster hits or crisis occur,the first thing that comes is to save our life and of our loved ones,though you are out of the affected area.The where about of our Friends and Family makes us worried.The lack of information about them creates panic and chaos.At this point communication system is very crucial as […] Continue reading →

How to Unblock Facebook at School/Office Tutorial

Have you ever tried opening Facebook in school/office.If yes then most probably it would have not been connected.This is because most school,college and offices  block Facebook by network administrator hoping to increase the productivity of their employees or might have also tried to Unblock Facebook at School/Office with no success.This is very irritating as […] Continue reading →

How To Disable or Turn Off ‘Seen By’ Message in Facebook Chat

How To Recover Deleted Facebook Chat Facebook is the most popular social networking site till now and has come up with many great features.Back in 2012 Facebook introduced a new feature called “seen by” or “typing”.Through this feature you can know that the message sent by you has been actually read by him or not,if read then at what time.But later it […] Continue reading →

How To Recover Deleted Facebook Chat/Messages/Pictures/Videos – Step By Step Guide

How To Recover Deleted Facebook Chat “How To Recover Deleted Facebook  Chat “Sounds a bit Tricky isn’t it??Well my friends this is the trick not many are aware of.There are many situations and cases in which we delete the chat that turns out out to be significant whether it was deleted knowingly or by mistake .In case we delete the whole thread ,All […] Continue reading →