Stop iPhoto From Launching Automatically When You Connect a Device:Tutorial

Stop iPhoto From Launching Automatically:A Mac user would be aware of what iPhoto app is and  what it is used for.This app comes by default in your Mac and will automatically pop-up whenever you will connect a device to your Mac, this app makes transfer of Photos between devices very simple but it’s auto launching part is quite annoying and if have reached to this place then I am sure you are also irritated by it’s auto pop up part and want to get rid of it.

Stop iPhoto From Launching Automatically

The iPhoto app is very useful when it comes to sync your iDevice photos to your Mac but that doesn’t mean each time you connect your device, you connect it for syncing photos.You do not need any extra app to avoid iPhoto to pop up.There are some changes to be done in the setting for solving this issue and here is the tutorial below.

Stop iPhoto From Launching Automatically:Tutorial

This tutorial will Stop iPhoto From  Launching Automatically regardless of what device you plug in.If you want to Stop iPhoto From  Launching Automatically for a particular device then follow the second method.

 Closing iPhoto for All Devices

  • Launch the app and click on iPhoto and then Preferences.
  •  Go to general menu and look for “connecting camera opens”.In the drop down box, you will see that iPhoto is selected.Change it to “No application”.

Stop iPhoto From Launching Automatically

  • Close all the setting window and that’s it.Now iPhoto will not launch automatically when you connect a device.

Closing iPhoto for a Particular Device

This tutorial will guide you to Stop iPhoto From Launching Automatically for a particular device.

  • First connect your device with your Mac.
  • Wait for iPhoto to open,open Finder app and from left-hand side menu select Applications.
  • In the Application list open Image capture.
  • Click on the arrow icon which will be present on the bottom left corner.

Stop iPhoto From Launching Automatically



  • A drop-down box will appear.Look for “Connecting this iPhone opens”.
  • Change this to “No application”.

Stop iPhoto From Launching Automatically

  • Now close all windows and you are done with it.iPhoto will no more open itself whenever you will connect this device.

Thanks for reading the article on “How to Stop iPhoto From Launching Automatically”.If you still face any problem following this procedure then you can share it with us by commenting below.

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