How To Setup Android Fastboot On Windows xp|7|8|8.1- Drivers & Boot Files

Download & Setup Android Fastboot On Windows – xp,7,8. As you all know that Fastboot is required on the Pc to access the android device in fastboot mode and making changes in the device such as changing default firmware ,installing new operating system,Installing new custom recovery such as TWRP or CWM Recovery .Unlocking device’s Bootloader is also one of the best application of Fastboot .

Now many people face various kinds of problem in Setting up fastboot on windows pc which further creates more problem for the user .

How To Setup Android Fastboot On Windows Pc

What is Fastboot ?

Fastboot is a protocol that can act as a alternate to the recovery and comes pre installed in the recent android devices .Fastboot has the privileges to make and customize the default properties of any android device .You can access the fastboot mode from any PC by making connection using USB cable .

Pre-Requisites In setting up Fastboot On Windows PC

  • An Android device with Fastboot Protocol .
  • Android SDK or custom Fastboot depending on the device .
  • A USB cable .
  • Developer mode Enabled .

List of problems in setting up the Fastboot in Windows PC .

  • The path is wrong .
  • Cmd doesn’t changes the directory to the location that you want .
  • Developer access blocked or USb debugging error .

How To Setup Android Fastboot On Windows Pc

There are two methods to setup fastboot on your Windows Pc  .

Method 1 : Setup Android Fastboot On Windows Pc Using Android SDK .

  • Download and install Android sdk depending on your version of Operating System i.e. 32 Bit Or 64 Bit .
  • Once you download the setup .Extract the setup .
  • Goto the extracted location and find the Fastboot in it .In my case it was


  • Now don’t run the Fastboot by clicking on it .This will do you no good .
  • Hold the SHIFT key and right click on the open space in the same explorer window.
  • Choose “open command windows here ” .This will automatically select the path and you don’t need to change or setup the path manually .
  • Now If you want to unlock bootloader or simply use the fastboot for any other purpose .Then install the Device drivers of your android and enable USB debugging .

Goto Settings/Developer Options/Check USB debugging .

Note :- If developer options are not present .Then click on Build Number five times to become a developer (This works on most of the devices but in some cases ,the developer controls are restricted .)

Method 2 :- Setup Android Fastboot On Windows Pc Without Downloading Android Sdk .

In this method you don’t need to download and install the whole android sdk setup for setting up Fastboot on your windows pc .

Download the Fastboot setup from here (Size – 2.11 Mb)

  • This will automatically open the fastboot directory into the command prompt and you don’t need to worry about setting up the path and tangling around while setting up fastboot on your windows pc .
  • The directory where the fastboot files get installed is “C:\Program Files (x86)\Minimal ADB and Fastboot” .
  • Simply goto C:\Program Files (x86)\Minimal ADB and Fastboot and press SHIFT and right click on the empty space and click on open command window here .This works for 32 Bit as well as in 64 bit of windows .

Method 3 : Setup Android Fastboot Path On Windows Pc

  • Install java on your device .
  • Copy the java path in program files ie.C:\ProgramData\Oracle\java\
  • Now goto Control Panel\System and Security\System and click on advanced system settings on the left sidebar .A new window will open ,Now goto environment variables ,click on new and enter these details

Variable Name – PATH

Variable Value – Java Path;Fastboot path

Like C:\ProgramData\Oracle\Java\Javapath;C:\adt-bundle-windows-x86_64-20140702\sdk\platform-tools

to permanently setup the path .Now run the command prompt directly and it will always be enabled in the fastboot mode unless the path is changed .

Now to check whether the path has been setup or not ,Enter Fastboot Devices in the cmd panel after connecting your device in the USB debugging mode .

So friends this was all about setting up “How To Setup Android Fastboot On Windows xp|7|8|8.1 – Drivers & Boot Files” .If you still  have any problem of any sort ,then please share it with us by commenting below and we will take care of the rest .

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