Top 5 Screencasting Apps for Mac

A screencast is a digital recording of computer screen output, also known as a video screen capture.It is like sharing of your virtual desktop via video representation.Screencast and Screenshot are two related terms but differ from each other.Screenshot captures a single image of the screen whereas Screencast is a movie of the changes over time that a user sees on a computer screen, enhanced with audio narration.How to Take Screenshot in Windows.Here is a list of Top 5 Screencasting Apps for Mac but before we start let us discuss some advantages of Screencasting.

Why Should You Screencast?

The Power of screencast is that it allows the audience to learn by example and the creator can explain his each step in detail.It helps learning by watching every step at their own pace for example you need to explain someone how to a stuff but it gets more confusing if delivered in audio or written format,this is where Screencast come to rescue.With the combination of video and audio the creator can mimic the one on one experience and deliver clear/complete instruction.

To create a good quality screencast you should be using a good app for your mac.Here is a list of Top 5 Screencasting Apps for Mac,have a look

1. QuickCast

QuickCast is one of the best app to screencast on Mac.It has a very friendly user interface and can downloaded for free.QuickCast let’s you create 3 minute screecast videos.After installing this app it will create a icon of it in the toolbar,hit on record and after a countdown of 5 sec it will start screencasting your Mac screen.Another feature is,that you can retrieve a animated gif of the screencast(screencast should be of at max 10 sec and of under 300 px height/widht).


2. Tapes: Screencast Sharing

Tapes comes second on our list but it has made recording simpler.You only need to install this app and start recording your screen.The best part is that you can screencast a part of your screen.Like Quickcast,you can record a video of length 3 min.The link of the video is saved in your clipboard and from here you can share it with your friends or on you social media.

screencasting,screencast This app is available on App store and can be downloaded after a payment of $9.99

3. ScreenFlow 5

ScreenFlow 5 is a advanced version of ScreenCasting.It is more than a ScreenCasting App.ScreenFlow 5 has a full featured video editor.You can edit your Screencast,add annotations,text and much.The cost of this app is quite high and is suitable for professionals.


The App costs $99.99 and can be downloaded from the app store.

 4. Voila

This app is way more than just taking screeshots.It can capture detailed selected areas,freehand areas,specific shape and full screen experiences.Multiple tools are provided to decorate your video.It might be difficult to find videos later if many screencast are saved,but Voila tags every video it captures.Therefor saving your time looking here and there.


The app has a free trial period and the full version can be purchased for $14.99 from the app store.

5. RecordIt

Recordit is a fast Screen recording app for Mac.It is a small size app made to be lean and quick,record any area section of your screen.This app doesn’t record audio and uploads the screencasts directly without saving to local drive.


You can buy the app from App store and it also has a trial version of it.

This was a list of some Screencasting Apps for Mac.If you know any other better app for screencasting than do share it with us.Thank You 🙂

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