How to Run iPhone Apps on PC:iPadian

Is it possible to Run iPhone apps on PC? and if yes then How to Run iPhone apps on PC? if you are wondering the same,then this article is all about this only.As we know Bluestacks is a very good emulator to run android apps on PC and in our last article we have discussed about “Top 10 Best Alternatives To Bluestacks For Windows xp/7/8/8.1/Mac.First of all let me answer to your first question,No it is not possible to Run iPhone apps on PC.The reason behind this is that Apple controls the way you use the software you download from its App Store quite tightly,hence it is very difficult to Run iPhone apps on PC or on any other platform.Now coming to your next question,the only possible way is that to find a software that can mimic or simulate the behaviour of an iPhone on other platform and the best solution was found to be “iPadian“.This is a software that creates an iPad like interface on your PC.iPadian is a free Adobe AIR-based iPad simulator which will help you experience iPad like interface on your PC and the apps look almost similar the way they would on an iPad or iPhone.The installation of iPadian is very straightforward.


Run iPhone apps on PC:ipadian(Features)

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  • Small in size and easy to install.
  • It creates an iOS like user interface on your windows PC
  • It comes with it’s own custom app store,with some preinstalled iPad apps.

Run iPhone apps on PC

  • Has features like full screen mode.
  • Access to resource like free music,videos,Social Chat,etc.
  • It contains an additional Facebook messages and notifications section on the right hand side corner

Run iPhone apps on PC

  • It is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8, Mac OS X and Linux.

It should be kept in mind that this is just an simulator and therefore has some downside also.

Run iPhone apps on PC:ipadian(Downsides)

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  • You will not be able to access Apple App store.
  • You are limited to it’s own custom app store.
  • This app store obviously can’t offer same range of options like Apple App store.
  • There are plenty of Apps,but are limited to very few no.
  • iPad is designed for touch and using the same app with mouse and keyboard will not be ideal.
  • It doesn’t allow to use mouse to simulate swipes.

Run iPhone apps on PC


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Click here to download iPadian

At last it can be concluded that though iPadian might not be a complete iPad simulator to Run iPhone apps on PC but then also it is able to bring some applications and functionality of an iPad/iPhone to your windows desktop.The project is quite new and is expected to get better with it’s new update.Overall it is a good way for windows users to experience iPad features and applications.

I hope you would have liked the article on “How to Run iPhone Apps on PC:iPadian“.Share your reviews and experience of this software with us,if you face any problem regarding this topic then feel free to contact us by commenting below.If you know any other software similar or better than iPadian then do share with us .Thank You 🙂

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