How to Remove/Recover Memory Card Password

How to recover memory card password? If you are searching to recover memory card password then you are at the right palce.This article is all about methods to recover memory card password. Nowadays

With the increase in technology we are able to click good quality of photo and videos but this make the size of these file larger than normal.The mobile now introduced to market are almost equipped with HD cameras,which demands more storage space inspite of their internal memory therefore memory card or micro SD card are the best option to increase storing space whether it may be a Mobile, Tablet, Camcorder, etc.To protect our data people apply password to their memory card but sometimes it occur to happen that they no more remember it and hence can’t access their memory card.You can fix this issue easily from any mobile repairing store but they will certainly charge you for this service.Why to pay if you can yourself recover memory card password.

Following are some method discussed to recover memory card password.


Recover Memory Card Password

Recover Memory Card Password:Symbian OS Phone

This method require a use of symbian OS phone.

  1. Insert the locked memory card in the symbian OS phone
  2. Go to File Manager on your mobile.If you can’t find this option on your mobile then download the FExplorer software and install it.
  3. In settings or C drive select System Folders.
  4. Now search for a file named “Mmcstore”
  5. Send this file to your PC
  6. Open this file using notepad(You can open this file on your mobile too.Just rename the file to Mmcstore.txt and open it)
  7. At the bottom in this file you will find your password.

You can give a try to this method on Your android phone.

Recover Memory Card Password:Using X-plore

  1. Download and install X-Plore in your symbian OS phone.
  2. Launch this app and press Zero (0).
  3. Check “Show the system files option”.
  4. Now go to the file C:/Sys/Data/Mmcstore
  5. If you are able to access the above path then press ‘3’ to enable the Hex-Viewer.
  6. In the third column look for the code !TMSD02G
  7. If you just want to remove any password on memory card then simply Delete this file but if want to know the password then the character between ’?’is your password.Now you can reset your memory card password.

If you are not able to access C:/Sys/Data/Mmcstore then there is no password set on your memory card.

TIP:- If you have a nokia E series or N series mobile or can arrange for one then insert your memory card to it and format it.It won’t ask for any password but the only disadvantage of this trick is that it delete all the file present in memory card.

This was the guide on How to Remove/Recover Memory Card Password.I hope this Article will help you to Recover Memory Card Password . If you find this article was helpful to you,then please share it with your family,friends on Facebook,Twitter,Google Plus,etc.Do SUBSCRIBE us or Follow us on Facebook for more such interesting topics and reviews on latest products and apps




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