Release Of Official IRCTC App For Android

IRCTC App For Android

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited (IRCTC) has finally launched  it’s much awaited Official IRCTC App For Android  on October 9.Unlike others,IRCTC first launched it’s app first for Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10 devices including Windows 8 a couple moths ago.This Official IRCTC App For Android is available in Google Play.You can search it there by the name IRCTC Connect.This app is free to download and is around 12 mb size.The app has very Simple & Fast UI.Benefit of this app is that now you don’t have to visit the IRCTC Official website and everything is on the go.The only need is to download this app and also you should have good internet connection.In this article I would be telling you about various feature,details and response of users who used this app.

The app requires LOGIN details of the user and Once verified you can start using IRCTC app.

Details of IRCTC Connect

Size: 12Mb

Supported Android Version: Android 4.1 and above

Feature of IRCTC Connect.

  • One step login for existing users.
  • You can search train between station
  • View and Book tickets.
  • Cancellation of tickets
  • Retains recently added passenger details.
  • Upcoming Journey Alerts.
  • Allows users to create new account directly from the app.

Official IRCTC App For Android

These are some basic features offered by IRCTC  through there app.Here are some screenshots given below by which you can get an idea on how this new app from IRCTC looks like.

Despite of this much waiting,the users didn’t get what they were expecting from IRCTC app.The app has been downloaded for over 10000 times from it’s launch and got an average rating of 4.1/5.

Some of the drawbacks of  Official IRCTC App For Android are:-

  • The web account doesn’t  get synchronized with the app.Hence you will see nothing  under booking history if you have booked ticket from IRCTC website.
  • Like other third-party app or websites that offer ticket booking via partnership with IRCTC.This app will also not work between 8am to 12pm.

Official IRCTC App For Android

  • It comes with Google ads support  and these ads cannot be removed and are quite annoying.

This app comes with an user guide which you can get it from here.

On the conclusion it can be said that this Official IRCTC App For Android is quite good as compared to IRCTC website because it was not able to collect much positive reviews.IRCTC is now working on creating an app specifically for android tablet, also some more features are expected to be introduced in this app.

This was the review for Release Of Official IRCTC App For Android .I hope this review will help to get an idea of this app. If you find this article was helpful to you,then please share it with your family,friends on Facebook,Twitter,Google Plus,etc.Do SUBSCRIBE us or Follow us on Facebook for more such interesting topics and reviews on latest products and apps.

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