Play Tekken 6 on Android/iOS Devices:Working Tutorial

Play Tekken 6 on Android/iOS Devices:Who doesn’t like games.I guess everybody does.Games are loved by everyone because they are entertaining,relaxing,stress-busting and moreover you can pass your time very easily.Play Station Portable(PSP) is a device developed by sony which lets you play games on the go.In my last article I have discussed How to Play PSP games on Android and In this article I will tell you a way to Play Tekken 6 on Android/iOS Devices.Tekken 6 is a game which doesn’t need an introduction.This is a fighting based game developed and published by Namco Bandai.Tekken 6 is the eighth game in it’s series and the first to include multi-tiered stages and bound system.

Sony playstation portable roms has now playable in android, so play and enjoy in your android device with full features of psp game.In order to Play Tekken 6 on Android/iOS Devices you need a PSP Emulator for your device and here we will use PPSSPP,another thing which you need is an ISO file of Tekken 6.Before we start let us have a look at some features of PPSSPP emulator.

Play Tekken 6 on Android/iOS Devices

Play Tekken 6 on Android/iOS Devices Using PPSSPP:Features

  • Available for many OS and fast in use
  • Platform specific features according to the operating system of the device.
  • More than 800 games supported.
  • Touch controls experience is awesome.

Some New Features added in Tekken 6 Game

  • Animations have been changed for every character.
  • Stages are connected, sometimes through levels, meaning that characters can be knocked through walls and floors.
  • The graphics engine has been designed with focus on character-animation to make movements look more smooth and realistic .
  • A number of characters have had their voices and / or their sounds changed.
  • New characters, stages, items and customization options.

Play Tekken 6 on Android/iOS Devices

How to Play Tekken 6 on Android/iOS Devices

Following is a step by step tutorial to Play Tekken 6 on Android/iOS Devices.

  • At first download PPSSPP emulator and install it.You can get it from Google Play Store or click here
  • After installing the PPSSPP emulator,download the Tekken 6 .ISO format file from here
  • Place this .ISO file format on your device at a place which you can locate easily.
  • Now tap on the PPSSPP emulator icon to open it and from within the app locate your game file which you have saved in the previous step.

This is it.Enjoy the PSP game on your Android

NOTE:-If you face some lag during the gameplay then try making some Setting changes to Play Tekken 6 on Android/iOS Devices

  • Run game on your PPSSPP Emulator
  • Now Press ESC button on your keyboard to go in Game settings
  • Tap on PPSSPP Setting Button now you can see full configurations on your screen
  • Now Tap on mode then choose buffered rendering
  • Tap on Frameskipping then set on 2
  • Enable Auto Fameskip

Thanks for reading the article on Play Tekken 6 on Android/iOS Devices.Using the above procedure you can enjoy your favorite Tekken 6 game on android/iOS Device.If you still have any issue regarding this topic then contact us by commenting below.

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