Unfortunately Google Play Store has Stopped Working:FIXED

Unfortunately Google Play Store has Stopped Working:Undoubtedly Google Play Store is the best place to download Android apps.There are many contender to it but they are hardly to be seen anywhere around it.With the high rising popularity of Google Play Store it also has a long list of errors which user face while using it and today we will discuss about an error from this list.In my previous post I have discussed about Google Play Store Error 403 in Android and How to Fix it and in this Article you get to know Unfortunately Google Play Store has Stopped Working Error.This is among the common errors which users usually face while downloading,updating, or any other task like purchasing apps from Google Play Store.

Recently I also faced this error while using the play store and then I thought that there might be many other facing the same.Therefore I am sharing some tips with you which you can use to solve Unfortunately Google Play Store has Stopped Working error.

Unfortunately Google Play Store has Stopped Working

Unfortunately Google Play Store has Stopped Working:Fixed

Cleat cache for Google Play Store

This is a most common fix for many Google play store related errors.Old cache can also be a reason behind Google Play Store Error 403 hence follow the steps below:-

  • Go to Device Settings>Applications
  • Tap on All and select Google Play store
  • Click on Clear Cache and then Force stop.

Restart your android device (Recommended).

Uninstall Google Play Store Updates

If you are facing this error after any Google Play Store update and before it,it was working fine then you should revert back to the previous stage and uninstall the update.The Uninstall any recent update follow the steps below:-

Go to settings>Application>All>Google Play Store and then tap on Uninstall Updates.

Enable any App Disabled by You

This method has worked out in most of  the cases.Just follow these steps:-

  • Enable Flight Mode
  • Go to Settings>Application Manager>All Apps
  • Now scroll to bottom and Enable any Disabled App.
  • Disable Flight Mode.

Use Wi-Fi instead of Data Connection

While updating or Downloading anything from Google Play Store it need a comparatively high speed connection which sometimes your data connection cannot provide.Therefore try using a Wi-Fi connection so that you get good internet speed.

Try Updating Google Play Store

If your Google Play Store has not been updated over a long time.Then it can be possible that this is the cause for Unfortunately Google Play Store has Stopped Working Error and an updated version of it can automatically solve the issue.Read more Install Google Play Store manually.

Delete Google Play Store Data

If nothing is working for you.Try deleting the data from he play store,just like the you cleared the cache.For doing so

  • Go to Device Settings>Applications
  • Tap on All and select Google Play store
  • Click on Clear data

Edit Host File (only for rooted devices)

This tip is for users having rooted device.It is a very easy procedure by which you will edit the host file for a quick fix.

  • Browse to the root directory of your device using a File manager(ES file explorer recommended)
  • Locate system/etc/hosts and open with the Edit option.
  • Add a # to the front of second set of numbers(From to # and save the file with the changes as it is.

Now you are all done.I hope these tips will help you fix Unfortunately Google Play Store has Stopped Working Error.

TIP: Do not try these all tips at once.Apply one and then reboot your device and then check whether it has resolved the issue or not and if not then go for the next one.

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