Download and Play Flappy Bird for Android/iOS and Windows Users

Flappy Bird was a great success within itself.It was a overnight success, racking over $50,000 a day.This game available for both Android and iOS users.Unfortunately because of some legal issues the developer of Flappy Bird has to take out it’s game from all stores.Now you will not be able to find this game on any mobile store from where you can Download and Play Flappy Bird.Though the game had no high graphics but the success mantra for it’s huge success was it’s small size and simple graphics due to which it was available for almost every mobile phone.It has a very addictive nature and playing this can make your time go easily.People who have downloaded Flappy Bird before it was removed can enjoy but if you are the one not able to act on time then don’t worry.In this article I will let you know How to Download and Play Flappy Bird.It is very hard for iPhone/iPad users to Download and Play Flappy Bird and we will discuss more about this at the end of this article.First let us find out ways to Download and Play Flappy Bird on Android.

Download and Play Flappy Bird

Download and Play Flappy Bird for Android Users

It is a very easy simple process.You will not get Flappy Bird on any mobile store but an .APK file can be easily found on net.You need to search for Flappy Bird APK file and will get many results for.We are providing you a link to Download and Play Flappy Bird for your ease.Click here to download Flappy Bird APK file.Follow the steps below to Download and Play Flappy Bird

  • For installing any APK file you need to Enable Unknown Source.

Go to Security and enable Unknown source(In some cases it is under Privacy or Application)

  • Now locate the apk file which you have downloaded and click to launch it.
  • The file will ask for some permissions.Click ok and let the installation complete.

Enjoy! You have successfully installed Flappy Bird

Note:- Make sure you download the apk file from trusted sources only because not doing so may lead you to get an tampered file which can harm your device.

 Download and Play Flappy Bird for Windows Users

If you are a Windows Phone user then you are in luck because there is a version of Flappy Bird available on Windows Phone.The publisher is IG Mobile and is providing it for free.

Download and Play Flappy Bird for iOS Users

It is very hard for users who have not downloaded Flappy Bird in the past but if you have downloaded it on your iPhone and deleted it then follow the steps below to get it back

  • Go to App store
  • Tap on Purchased on your iPad (for iPhone go to Updates>Purchased)
  • Now look for Flappy Bird in the list and then tap on the download button.

This way you can get Flappy Bird on your iOS device.

Tip:-If you know a person with Flappy Bird on his iOS device.You can ask him to sign in with his Appple ID on your device and then install Flappy Bird on your device by following the steps provided above.

If now also you are not able to Download and Play Flappy Bird then you can play it on your Windows PC

Click the links below to play Flappy Bird on Windows PC

I hope you would have liked the article on Download and Play Flappy Bird for Android/iOS and Windows Users.By using above methods you will be able to Download and Play Flappy Bird.Share it with your friends and family so that they can also enjoy this amazing game.Thank You


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