Best Free Photo Editing Software

Editing an Image can enhance the quality of the image.In this modern era,even the most basic digital camera and mobile(almost) can capture good quality pictures with better lenses and pixel resolutions but they certainly lacks at some points like white balance,red eye,overexposure,underexposure.Here Photo Editing Software can be considered as a boon as they can help you solve these issues easily.Undoubtedly Photoshop is the best Photo Editing Software which gives users immense power to do a lot with their pictures but for using such powers you need to have a good knowledge of layering,rotation,RAW compatibility,etc and if lack it then you will surely make a mess instead of enhancing the image.Here is a list of some Best Free Photo Editing Software which do not require any such special knowledge and will solve the issue without complications and that too free.If you don’t have an urge for high end editing of your image then go through this list of Free Photo Editing Software instead of Photoshop as it is difficult to learn, frustrating to use, and expensive to buy.

Best Free Photo Editing Software


It is an open-source application available for PC as well as for Mac.It is a very good replacement for Photoshop and the biggest advantage of it is that it is available for free and you don’t have to spend dollars for it.Using this software you can edit colors,brightness,contrast and much more.It also has a collection of many different effects which can be applied in seconds on your pictures.You will need to put a little effort to learn some extra features of it like layering and many more.Otherwise it is very easy to use and can be used on the go.

Free Photo Editing Software

It is a good iteration of Photoshop and is similar to it in appearance and can be used as an alternative to it,if don’t want to pay for photoshop


Unlike Gimp it has a very basic user interface.You will be provided with basic options like resizing,rotating photos and many paint tools with a number of special effects.It supports layers and using it you can edit certain parts of the image.

Free Photo Editing Software

The amazing feature is that it has plugin support which means using these plugins you can customize the program according to your need.


Basically Picasa is a photo organizer and a slideshow creator but with it’s basic editing tools it can be used a good Free Photo Editing Software too for doing simple editing.It is available for Mac and PC and free to download.It can easily scan your hard drive and collect all media files like photos to share on Google+ account and each picture can be seen using picasa.

Free Photo Editing Software

This feature has a minus point too as it will so all image files including those unintended files like graphics for games and other images which you do not wish to share to with others.


Free Photo Editing Software

If the thing which you want to do is only editing than PhotoScape is something which is quick and easy and using this you can easily add special effect to a photo.It does not have layer support and other complicated options.The only thing which PhotoScape knows is simple editing.Here you will find hundreds of clipart images.You can add custom speech bubbles and create GIF also.


This is a simple Free Photo Editing Software.It has many fun applications and you can add cartoons to your image and customs watermarks to a group of images.Options for drawing and painting are also provided.It is quick to use Photo Editing Software.

Free Photo Editing Software

I hope you would have liked the list of Best Free Photo Editing Software.You can also share any other Free Photo Editing Software which you want to be included in the list.

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