Top 5 Best Android Apps For File Transfer Over WiFi – Including Cross Platform Apps

Tired of waiting for the file transfer using Bluetooth ,messenger and other cheap tricks ?Well here is some thing pretty advanced for you ,File transfer over WiFi let’s you send and receive stuff over 40-50 times more speedily than that of Bluetooth .Transferring movies and media file with very high size was never so easy […] Continue reading →

Enable Your VLC Media Player To Dowload Subtitles Automatically Using VLSub v 0.9.3

Enable Your VLC Media Player To Dowload Subtitles Automatically Using VLSub v 0.9.3 VLC media Player from videoLan .org is the best and outstanding media player for windows ,Mac and Linux .It can play pretty much any media file VlC is low in size and gives high end performance as compared to any other Media Player out there like Km Player although they are not bad either but […] Continue reading →

How to Root Android Phone Without PC:Complete Tutorial

Root Android Phone Without PC,Rooting android phone How to Root Android Phone Without PC?I guess that most of the people are aware about rooting android phone but if somehow ‘NO’  then it’s not a thing to worry as in this article i will be covering the basic idea behind rooting android phone and also you will be able to Root Android Phone Without PC.Rooting android phone requires a […] Continue reading →

List Of Best Media Player That Automatically Downloads Subtitles For Windows xp/7/8/8.1

Automatically Attach The subtitle to the playing video Linking subtitles to media or video is supported by every Media player more or less.But not all of them provides you the facility to download and attach them to a media file .There are various websites form which you can download the subtitles of you media file or say video but there are various problems […] Continue reading →

How To Download Facebook videos Easiest Method – Windows xp/7/8/Mac

How To Download Facebook Videos Easily on windows & Mac Facebook is the best social Networking site connecting millions with billions everyday whether chat,message ,video you name it .Facebook let’s you upload your custom video onto your timeline which is a spectacular option that letting your friends see your cool videos and have them have a whiff of your social life .Well downloading these videos […] Continue reading →

How to Disable Blue ticks Feature in Whatsapp

Whatsapp is the most globally popular messaging app with more than 600 million users.Previously WhatsApp has added a feature called “Last Seen” which had received both positive and negative reviews by ohter.Some claimed that it is a breach in their privacy as they don’t want to show some people that when was the last time you […] Continue reading →

How to Ultra Compress Files and convert 1GB file to 10MB:KGB Archiver

Ultra Compress Files and convert 1GB file to 10MB Compressing is a process to reduce the size of a file without altering or losing any data from the file.The most common software used for compressing file are WinZip and WinRar which can give a compression ratio of upto 30%.Compressing files can help us save a lot of space and prevent you from getting short […] Continue reading →

How to Lock and Unlock Computer Using a USB Pen Drive

Lock and Unlock Computer Using a USB Pen Drive It is very obvious that you are saving your private and confidential data in your computer which can include the very sensitive data too.Therefore there is always a risk of loosing this data which can cause you a lot of harm.You may have set login password to your computer but it is not so hard […] Continue reading →

Subway Surfer Bangkok Crack/Hack v1.31.0 [Mod] for Android Smartphone And Pc

Subway surfer  is an endless running arcade game from Kiloo. Subway Surfer has always been a wonderful game and always gets better with their updates .Subway surfer Bangkok is another addition to the famous series From kiloo (developer).This time there are new features like board upgrades using which you can also upgrade your hover boards […] Continue reading →