Automatically Move Files to Folders in Windows

Everyone likes to keep their stuff properly organized but organizing files is a very tedious and time consuming job.Hence most people compromise with their unorganized files.There are software which can  Automatically Move files to Folders and will help you to save some precious time of your life.Sorting files and placing them in their appropriate folders manually is not the most comfortable option available.There are many programs available which can automate this process,for you we did the task and have listed some software to Automatically Move files to Folders.

In this article you will be introduced with some great software which will Automatically Move files to Folders.


This is an open source utility that processes files according to rules defined by you.You can create a file filter on the basis of name, size, date, properties, content,etc  and can be associated with one of the following tasks:Move, Copy, Compress, Extract, Rename, Delete, Create Gallery, Create List, Create Playlist, Create Shortcut, Copy to Clipboard, Change Properties and Ignore. DropIt also provide the feature to create different profiles and add different associations like Extractor, List_Maker, Archiver,etc.

You just need to set some rules according to you and DropIt will Automatically Move files to Folders.DropIt is a very useful software but you need to give some time to understand it’s feature and configure it according the way you like how your files to be organized.

Automatically Move files to Folders

This is a free to use software but the developer accepts and encourages donations for further development.Click here to download DropIt.

Files 2 Folder

It is a free Windows shell extension which will Automatically Move files to Folders.It is a very simple application which allows you to automatically create directories for files and folders.It creates a shell extension in Windows Explorer.With this shell extension you just need to right click on a file to move it into an individual sub-folder with their respective names or if you select multiple files,a box will appear asking you for the folder name.Name the folder and all the files will be moved to it.Unlike DropIt it is a very simple and easy to use software with less but required functions to Automatically Move files to Folders.

Automatically Move files to Folders

Click here to download File 2 Folder


This is another software which is able to Automatically Move files to Folders according to the set of rules created by you like for e.g. .EXE files to Apps folders, .TXT files to Document folder and 3gp/Mp4 files to videos, etc.It has only one work i.e to move files in a systematic way.Download QuickMove from here and install it.After installing it will create a right-click context menu of all files.Now right click on a file and select QuickMove to open the rule wizard.Set a rule type for particular type of file(you can select conditions like Exactly matching the name and extension, Exactly matching the name, Exactly matching the extension,etc).Select source folder and destination folder.Click ok to create the rule.

Automatically Move files to Folders

Note:-The rules are not created beforehand.The rules are to be created for the first time for a particular type of file after selecting it and following the above procedure.

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