The Best Google Play App To Make Free National/International Calls And Message – Libon

The Best Google Play App To Make Free National/International Calls – Libon : Libon App offers you free National and International calls worldwide . This app is by far the best that you’ll ever see when it comes to communication quality .Orange Vallee’s libon app is compatible with all android devices as well as iOS devices .It’s just not an app that you use for calling if you run out of balance .There is a multifold amount of comm related tasks that can be easily done with this great app for example from leaving a voicemail to a message .Now let me close down all the features of Libon app for you .

This is evidently the first app that let’s you call on the mobile network which does not need you to install the same app on the device you’re calling though the number of calls are limited if it is not installed on the other device .

Google Play App To Make Free National/International Calls – Libon


Google Play App To Make Free National/International Calls,Libon


 Make Free National and International calls using Libon App

Features of the libon app includes :-

  • Free calling on any mobile number in the world* .
  • Great Audio quality .
  • Unlimited call to and with anyone that has Libon app preinstalled and registered on their device .
  • You can make call using any network like mobile network or Wifi .
  • Limited minutes to call on non registered users i.e. Call directly to mobile Network or Operator network like Airtel,Idea and such .
  • Free call to over 100 countries worldwide .
  • Leave visual voicemail if the user is not available at the moment .
  • Get free 30 minutes every month to call to users that are not registered .And get additional minutes if you invite a friend of yours to accept the request and get libon app into their mobile with your shared link .
  • Send pictures,Audio and video messages to your friends .
  • Free messaging to everyone i.e. To your contacts that don’t have libon app installed in their device (It’s like free online messaging and calling altogether in one app )

Google Play App To Make Free National/International Calls – Libon

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How is it different from Messenger and Skype ?

First of all you don’t need to have to install the app on both ends to make the call even possible .A person always have the hold of the mobile number rather then some third party software like messenger and skype .Well it has the good of both  and Weakness of none .You can make free calls directly to the mobile number withour having to pay a penny for it .Send free text messages to anyone that doesn’t have libon installed on their device .

If you are out of minutes and want additional minutes on your account then libon packages are very cheap and everyone can afford it easily .Moreover if you buy a pack of fifty minutes you get the double i.e . 100 minutes .

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How to make calls using Libon ?

Libon is the Best Google Play App To Make Free National/International Calls And Message .The interface of the app is fabulous and across the right navigation panel you will various options like contacts ,Dialpad etc For user ease of access .

  • If you want to dial a number just tap on dialpad ,enter the number and make call .However the only thing to consider here is that whether you want to make a libon or network call (Don’t worry in either case ,You are not paying for the call .)
  • Make libon calls if the other person also has libon installed on their device .

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Google Play App To Make Free National/International Calls



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