How to Get iTunes on Android Phone/Tablet

How to Get iTunes on Android:Everybody knows that there is always a tough fight between the Android and iPhone users but there would hardly be any who do not wish to have iTunes music on his Android device though a hater of Apple.If you are the one who is willing to Get iTunes on Android Phone/Tablet then we have a good news for you,to get iTunes on Android you need to get iTunes files on Android device first.

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After reading this guide, you will be able to play iTunes movies,music and other things on your android device.

Is it Possible to Get iTunes on Android Phone/Tablet

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iTunes is a media player, media library, and mobile device management application developed by Apple Inc. It is used to play, download, and organize digital audio and video on personal computers.iTunes is available for OS X,Windows and iOS-based Apple devices.iTunes does not have any version for android and hence you cannot get iTunes on Android Phone/Tablet.


Though you cannot Get iTunes on Android Phone/Tablet but there are ways by which you can transfer your iTunes music onto Antroidd

Get iTunes on Android Phone/Tablet:Manually

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  • Connect your Android device with your PC(Mac/Windows) via USB cable
  • Now locate the directory where all the files are present

Mac users go to Music>iTunes>iTunes Media

Windows users first look in My Music>iTunes

  • Drag and Drop the files from your PC to android device

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You can also transfer files without a USB cable.Use AirDroid or any other desktop app which will transfer files very fast consuming less time.Read more about how to transfer data over Wi-Fi.

Get iTunes on Android Phone/Tablet:DoubleTwist

The DoubleTwist app has a very similar look like iTunes,While using it you get a fell of iTunes.This app can get iTunes on Android Phone/Tablet like feeling.Follow the below procedure for installing and using DoubleTwist app.

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Here’s how to get iTunes on Android device:-

  • Download DoubleTwist Player app and install it.You can get this app from Google Play store or click here
  • Now you need a DoubleTwist desktop client which can be downloaded from or click here

Get iTunes on Android,DoubleTwist

  • Install the file downloaded in the previous step on your PC.DoubleTwist should detect all your iTunes music files automatically and will display them under music in library tab.
  • Make a connection between your Android device and PC via USB cable and select mass storage.

The connection can be made wirelessly also by using an app called AirSync.You can purchase it from Google Play Store and will let you connect DoubleTwist on your Android device and PC over a Wi-Fi network.

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  • Now go to Music under General tab  and check All music in your DoubleTwist desktop client.

Get iTunes on Android,DoubleTwist

  • Click Sync to transfer all your music to your Android device from your PC.

Individual albums can also be sent instead of complete playlist.Just select Only The Selected under Sync Music to My Device and tick the box against the album you want to sync.

Get iTunes on Android,DoubleTwist

The same can be used for syncing individual song.

Get iTunes on Android,DoubleTwist

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