Install the Unofficial Cyanogenmod 11 For Xiaomi Redmi 1s – (Flash CM 11 on Xiaomi Redmi 1S)

Install the Unofficial Cyanogenmod 11 For Xiaomi Redmi 1s – (Flash CM 11 on Xiaomi Redmi 1S) – Cyanogen mod 11 or cm11 is based on android kitkat 4.4.4 .The good news for xiaomi redmi users is that the developers from cyanogen mod have provided the support for xiaomi redmi handset  though it’s not official .Cyanogenmod as you know is the best developer that designs the custom rom’s under AOSP (android open source project) and provides the best thereby consuming the least resources and is always somewhat better then the default stock Rom that comes pre-installed in your device .Now Flash CM 11 on Xiaomi Redmi 1s .

Cyanogenmod 11 For Xiaomi Redmi 1s,Flash CM 11 on Xiaomi Redmi 1S

Cyanogenmod 11 for Xiaomi Redmi 1s

The advantages of installing CyanogenMod 11 for Xiaomi redmi 1s :-

  • Removes unwanted apps that comes pre-installed with your device and are almost impossible to uninstall .
  • Frequent updates : As soon as the latest latest android update comes in the market officially under AOSP ,The cyanogen developers also launches it’s latest customised Rom’s .
  • Better performance ,More features and almost impossible to replace graphics .
  • In case of Xiaomi Redmi 1s – Flashing CM11 on xiaomi edmi 1s also extends the available user space from 5.4 Gb from 4.72 In case of MIUI stock Rom .

Flash CM 11 On xiaomi Redmi 1s

To get cyanogen mod 11 for Xiaomi Redmi 1s. Follow the steps below :

Step 1 : To get started first you’ll have to install a custom recovery such as CWM recovery pre-installed on your device .To Intall CWM recovery on Xiamoi Redmi 1s .Go to this link

How To Install ClockWorkMod (CWM) Recovery On Xiaomi Redmi 1S (Custom Recovery)

Step 2 : Once you have installed the custom recovery on xiami redmi 1s .Download the CM 11 or  Cyanogenmod 11 for Xiaomi Redmi 1s and save it on your PC’s local drive or desktop .

step 3 : Now if you’ve used cyanogen before you would know that this rom doesn’t come with GAPPS for Google apps package pre-installed and you’ll have to download and add them to your device afterwards .So download the GAPPS package for xiaomi redmi 1s in .zip format from here and save it .

step 4 : Now transfer both the files from the previous location to the root of your sd card .(Just select both the files and send to sd card) .

step 5 : Reboot the device into recovery mode to flash Flash CM 11 On xiaomi Redmi 1s .You can do this by going to app drawer <<Tools <<updater <<(press menu key and select “Reboot into recovery option “) .

Step 6 :Take the backup of the entire ROM alongwith the apps and current configuration of you stock MIUI rom that comes pre-installed with your xiaomi redmi 1s .This is called Nandroid backup .It will be saved on your sd card under Clockworkmod folder .

Note : (Do not delete this folder from your sd card once the CM11 is successfully installed on your device ,Just copy it on a safe place .Since this is the only way you can get your stock rom back with current settings,data and configurations ) .

step 7 : Since you are in recovery use the keys like vol.up, vol. down and power key to operate the device .Now follow the given procedure very precisely .

  • Wipe data/factory settings and confirm yes .
  • Wipe cache partition .
  • Clear dalvik cache  (Go to advanced <<clear dalvik cache) .

step 7 :go back and select “” .Select the zip file of  CyanogenMod 11 for Xiaomi Redmi 1s that you previously downloaded and select to confirm .

step 8 :Now once you Flash CM11 on Xiaomi Redmi 1s .Flash the GAPPS package using the same procedure .

  • Install zip from sd-card .
  • Select the GAPPS package in .zip format and confirm installation .

step 9 : Reboot the device .

So that’s it about  how to “Install the Unofficial Cyanogenmod 11 For Xiaomi Redmi 1s – (Flash CM 11 on Xiaomi Redmi 1S)” .If you find problem in any step then share it with us by commenting below .

credits : – jsevi 83 (Xda forums)

Enjoy 🙂







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