How to Install Google Play Store manually

There is no doubt that Google Play store can be considered as a default location for any Android device for downloading Apps.The reason behind this is the vast no. of apps available (Free and Premium).Google Play store has millions of Apps to download.There are lots of android tablets and smartphones that don’t have Google Play Store pre-installed on them or you may accidentally deleted Google Play Store on your rooted device and now missing the apps offered by play store.Perhaps it is not a big thing to worry about to Install Google Play Store as it is more easy than it seems to be.

Also Google Play Store gets updated on a regular basis but it can take weeks or even longer for some people to get the latest version.There is no harm in using the old version of Google Play Store as it will hardly make any difference but if you are among those who loves to have the latest of all and so like Google Play Store then you must follow this tutorial to Install Google Play Store.In this article I will guide you to Install Google Play Store manually .

There are two methods to Install Google Play Store manually on your device which are described below

Install Google Play Store manually:Directly to Your Device

For users who already have Google Play Store installed and are willing to update it then first check the version of your current installed play store by:-

  • Open Google Play Store
  • Now open settings
  • Move to the bottom where you’ll see the build number.This is the play store version.Now if you find any latest version of play store than yours,follow the method described below.

Download Google Play Store APK File

Just like any other Android app Google Play Store also comes in APK file format.You need to search for latest Google Play Store APK file and download it.

Make sure you download the apk file from trusted sources only because not doing so may lead you to get an tampered file which can harm your device.

Enable Unknown Sources on Your Device

As a security measure by default your Android device will not let any application to install on your device other than Google Play Store.Hence make sure that you enable your device to allow installation from unknown sources just like you usually do to install any other apk file in order to Install Google Play Store.For doing so go to your device settings>security and then enable Unknown Sources.

In some devices Unknown sources option may not be available in Security option.Try finding in Privacy or Application settings.

Install Google Play Store APK file

Now you are done with all the settings.The only thing to do is to locate your downloaded apk file and install it,just like any other apk file.The apk file will be in your downloaded folder(you can use a file browser for easy searching of your file.ES File Explorer is Recommended)

Once you locate the file,launch it and you will be prompted to Read permissions and accept it.Google Play will automatically install Google Services Framework.Now you have successfully installed Google Play Store.You need to sign in with your Google account.

Note:Make sure that you disable Unknown sources as it can be a big hole in your device security.In some cases the Google Services Framework doesn’t auto install.Hence you need to install it manually by downloading the Google Services Framework apk file and install it in the same way as above.It is necessary to install Google Services Framework as it help to keep play store communicating with your app and so it knows when to update an app.

Install Google Play Store manually

Install Google Play Store manually:Using Computer via USB

If the above method doesn’t worked for you or you don’t have Data or Wi-Fi connection on your Android device then you can Install Google Play Store using your PC.Here also the same process applies like the one described above except step 1

  • Download the Google Play Store APK file on your PC
  • Enable Unknown Sources on your Android device
  • Connect your Android device with your PC via USB cable and transfer the apk file to your Device.
  • Browse for the file on your device and launch it.
  • Accept the permissions and then sign in using your Google account.

Thanks for reading the article on How to Install Google Play Store manually.I hope this will help you to Install Google Play Store manually on your android device.If you have any issue or problem regarding this topic then feel free to contact us by commenting below.

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