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How To Insert Smileys And Emoticons in Clash Of Clans Chat : Clash of Clans is the most addictive available game on the Google playstore and winner of many awards .Clash of Clans game has inbuilt feature for chatting to people’s within the clan and Global chat for chatting on the Foreign Players .Well there is a common problem that many player face is that How to Insert smiley’s and emoticons into clash of clans chat and I’ve seen many players putting up these questions on clash of clans forum asking for the solution to put emoticons into coc (clash of clans ) because the smileys and emoticons on the chat makes it more interesting and logical and puts up some humour in the thread.There are various smileys that you can insert into the chat and long thread emoticons .Well here is the perfect solution for you .iPhone comes with the built in keyboard that supports Emoticons and Smileys  ,most of the people prefer using tablet and phablets for playing clash of clans because it makes it much more fun .So here is the method using which you can insert smileys and emoticons in clash of clans chat .

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How To Insert Smileys And Emoticons in Clash Of Clans Chat

clash of clans ,How To Insert Smileys And Emoticons in Clash Of Clans Chat




Well there is no hard and fast rule to do it.It’s just that the keyboard you are using does not have the options of smileys and emoticons in it ,rather say inbuilt feature .

In many Android smartphones the mobile comes with default feature with pre installed emoticons and smiley in the keyboard .But in some it needs to be installed in order to insert smileys and emoticons in Clash of Clans chat .

How To Insert Smileys And Emoticons in Clash Of Clans Chat

Here is the list of keyboards that you need to use instead of using the default keyboard that comes preinstalled in your device .

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Emoji Keyboard – Emoji keyboard as the name suggest is made specifically for emoticons and smileys .And the interface is light and easy to use .Moreover it is not so heavy and almost every smartphone can easily cope up with the app,It surely worked out for me for Inserting Smileys and Emoticons in Clash of clans chat .Using Emoji keyboard you can easily Insert Smileys And Emoticons in Clash Of Clans Chat .

  • Emoji has various and almost every kind of emoticons ,Smileys and Android bot Smileys .
  • Emoji is light in size .Emoji keyboard has various coloured themes which makes it fun to use .
  • Emoji has every option that are available in common keyboards and much more uses other than just typing .
  • It supports swift functions ,personalized dictionary ,auto correct and many features as such .

—->Download Emoji keyboard for Android From Here . 

—->Download Emoji Keyboard For Android L from here . 

Fleksy Keyboard – Fleksy here is another wonderful keyboard for using Emoticons and Smileys into clash of clans chat .Moreover it’s the best keyboard I’ve seen so far with multi perspectives according to any point of view for typing ,chatting ,Putting up emoticons or smileys .The design is elegant ,Easy to operate and simply outstanding .You can download the free version of fleksy keyboard from here  or you should support the developer by buying the app  from here .Offcourse you wouldn’t get this kind of app in such reasonable prices .

  • Beautiful design. 30 colorful themes  3 customizable sizes .
  • The fastest, Most accurate keyboard .
  • Over 800 Emoji, 30 themes, and Rainbow Key Pops.

There are many other keyboard on the Google Playstore that does the similar task .But these two precisely are the best for Inserting smileys and emoticons in clash of clans chat .

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