Increase RAM in Android phone using Memory Card ?

Do you face problem due to lack of space in RAM.This will be not an issue for user with high end devices but if you are a Budget phone user than it might be a phone with less RAM.Firstly let me tell you the disadvantages of less RAM.You won’t be able to play heavy games or run heavy apps,also it cannot run multiple apps altogether as it will crash or hang.You can Increase RAM in Android phone to play heavy games.Increasing RAM may not be the only solution and it won’t make your Android phone fast if the all over configuration of your phone is low but if RAM is the only limiting factor than you are at the right place.You can Increase RAM in Android phone using memory card by the method discussed below.

The  method to Increase RAM in Android phone is a bit technical and we advice you to read all the steps carefully

Method 1:Increase RAM in Android phone(Free)

How To Boost Ram In Android Phones

First of all check that your device supports swapping.You can do so by Swap Check app.If yes then follow these steps

Increase RAM in Android phone

  • Connect your Memory card to your PC
  • Open MiniTool Wizard and select the memory card and press ‘Delete’ to format it.
  • Right click and choose ‘New Partition'(This partition should be primary with file system as FAT32 )
  • Make sure to leave at max 1GB free space for other partitions
  • Use the 1GB free space for another partition (But with file system EXT2/EXT3/EXT4)
  • Click Apply and wait for partition process to complete.

Increase RAM in Android phone(root your device)

  • Place the memory card in your mobile and install Link2SD app.
  • Launch the app giving root permissions.
  • Choose the .EXT partition (that we have made).It will link the partition itself.
  • Install another app called Swapper for Root and launch it.
  • Select the RAM size you to which you wish to increase,the app will then create a .SWP file

This is your increased RAM memory.

NOTE:- The memory card used should be of atleast class 4 or higher.

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Method 2:Increase RAM in Android phone(Premium)

The above method is a bit tricky and if you don’t have issue spending some money then you can buy this app called “ROEHSOFT RAM Expander“to Increase RAM in Android phone.This app makes your memory card to act as virtual RAM for your phone

Increase RAM in Android phone

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Before buying the app makes sure to check it’s compatibility with your device.You can use swap check app for this.If the app is compatible then

  • Install the app from Google Play Store or click here
  • Now create a swap file(click Swap active and enable it)
  • Click on the grey box to activate swap

Success!The app will look the rest and Increase RAM in Android phone

NOTE:- Your android device should be rooted.

On the conclusion we would like to state that the above method has been experimented by us.Neither We nor our blog is responsible for any damage to your device or memory card due to your any ill steps.You will get the desired results if the above process is followed properly.

Thank’s for reading the Article on “How to Increase RAM in Android phone using Memory Card ?”

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2 thoughts on “Increase RAM in Android phone using Memory Card ?

  1. Sir, After rooting the phone and increasing its ram can i unroot it. Will my trick work.

    • No,your trick won’t work because unrooting your phone will restrict the permissions required for the method to work.

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