How To View/Recover Entered/Saved WiFi Password In Android Phone/Tablet- Tutorial

Unlike any windows Pc,In Android there is no default  facility to view the entered password unless you got some skills .Sometimes we go to some cyber cafe’s or some place where the owner or your colleague enters the wifi password on your device when you ask them the password .This is because of the fact that they don’t know you can also get access to their wifi password since there is no way or any in-built feature that allows you to view saved Wifi password in your android device .Well In this tutorial I am going to show you how to view entered WiFi password in android device .

How It Works (view saved WiFi Password In Android

Without Root) ?

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Well as per your knowledge each time when you connect to the wifi source that is already set up on your device .It matches the key that the router wants and the key you’ve provided when you connect to the wifi source .So ,In case of password change that’s how you are automatically disconnected when the password s changed .

Also ,for viewing this kind of data requires your device to have rooting privileges .Although in this article I am going to show you both methods i.e.  View saved wifi password in android with and without root privileges .There are all types on senseless methods on the internet which requires your device to be rooted for implementation of this method .But In this article I’ve posted both ways i.e To View saved  wifi password in android phone/tablet without actually rooting it .


Let’s Begin!!

Method – view saved WiFi Password In Android Without Root

Follow the steps precisely to view or recover saved wifi password in android without rooting it .

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  • Download and install ES File Explorer on your device if not pre-installed .
  • Run the app and Goto system folder in it .

es file explorer - view saved WiFi Password In Android  Without Root

  •  Goto device folder <<data .

es file explorer - view saved WiFi Password In Android  Without Root


  • Goto misc<<Wifi







es file explorer - view saved WiFi Password In Android  Without Root


  • Tap on wpa_supplicant.conf to view the list of all the wifi source remembered by your Android smartphone/tablet .

In my case the ssid was “sam 93” .The security was WPA-PSK .Well if you liked the article/Method to view saved WiFi Password In Android Without Root .Then share it with your friends on Facebook,Twitter ,Google Plus .

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32 thoughts on “How To View/Recover Entered/Saved WiFi Password In Android Phone/Tablet- Tutorial

  1. It dont show anything in data

  2. There is no such folder named “data” in root of sdcard. Have you rooted the phone?, I have a non rooted phone, and like to keep it that.

    • You don’t have to root the device Jack .It is in the phone’s root directory not of the sd-card .I suggest you to use ES File Explorer .

      • Hi, thx for quick answer. I do use ES File Explorer and I have been in the folder data in the root of the phone. It says it’s empty. I have found a file named wpa_supplicant.conf in /system/etc/wifi but it do not contain any info about wifi networks and keys. I have a Samsung Galaxy Trend phone, android version 4.2.2

        • Well then it may not work in your device unless rooted….Try nfc tools if ur device has nfc support and if you plan to root ur device then try these apps wifi pwd viewer by alexyang .

        • Dont want rooted phone says:

          Same here…doesn’t seem to work unless rooted

  3. My phone showing file empty means without any password. Is rooting required to see it in every phone

    • Rooting privileges are not required to view the password or get access to wpa_Supplicant.conf file .However In some devices the directory is not accessible or the Firmware simply doesn’t give access to the user to view the system files .

  4. i guess root is required. since i searched the file and opened it to see something different…no such thing as psk or other lines

  5. my phone is rooted though my data folder is showing empty

  6. Doesn’t work on my Samsung Galaxy S3 phone. The data directory shows as empty. I don’t want to root the phone, so how can I get to see the wifi password?

    • If it doesn’t work this way!!!There is absolutely no way that You can view your wifi password without rooting your device ..

  7. Is there any other way because my phone doesnt shows anything about password can you help me

  8. There is folder I know
    But it will show u empty
    Till u root the devise
    After rooting device
    U will were the password

  9. So without rooting is der any chance to see passwords,, any app can do that?

  10. John Pierre says:

    What this? root not working on my y220-u10 in everything from super root android,superoneclick and notepad++ and last i tired all viewers in es explorer
    root explorer needs root to view file
    and i found the wpa file but its not showing even the network password also i used ultimate backup and superuser will not work i tired 7000000000000 times before it downloads the file but it doesn’t work properly

  11. Coz you need to root your fone first 😐

  12. i am using this method on my phones i.e. spice mi 515 as well as on sony c190 but in both cases there is no file in /data/misc/wifi and when i made a search i found a file named WPA_supplicant.conf but there are only examples but no connected SSID or password is shown.
    both of my phones are rooted even when facing this problem. so please suggest me what to do

  13. I have a Samsung galaxy tab 3, I found the data folder with the e’s file explore but inside the data folder there’s a folder called inside that folder Is on other one name file in it there’s 2 file’s 1 is(DeviceDescription.xml) and the other (FileTransport_1.xml). There’s no misc nor a wifi folder ,is there on other way to find it or a app that doesn’t required a device to be root? Pl I need to know also is there’s a app that can root a galaxy tab I try alot and none work.

  14. Worked great. Trouble is all my passwords show up as gibberish. Example: wep_key0=278c618f6b0677586b12ce76316ed86c
    got any ideas how I can get the real passwords?

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