How To Use Android’s Mobile Camera As Webcam For Video Calling In Pc – Droidcam

How To Use Android’s Mobile Camera As Webcam For Video Calling In Pc: Android phone has various advantages over any other phone .There are  various apps to turn your android mobile camera into Pc webcam for online chatting/Calling purposes .Webcam have limited uses like online chatting,snapshot capture and if you wanna buy a good quality webcam it’s too expensive and fragile .Well there are many apps that can help you do it and then there is Droidcam ,the ultimate app to help you Use Android’s Mobile camera as webcam for video calling .

How To Use Android’s Mobile Camera As Webcam For Video Calling

Convert Your Android Device's Camera Into A Webcam,How To Use Android's Mobile Camera As Webcam For Video Calling In Pc,Droidcam

Droidcam is an app that you need to install on both ends i.e. Your Android device as well as on your Pc .Droidcam is available for Windows and Linux platforms .

Convert Your Android Device’s Camera Into A Webcam

Droidcam is a wonderful app that let’s you do all this task without much of a hassle .Droidcam is a  freeware that let’s you use you Android’s mobile camera as webcam in pc for Video calling on skype,Google plus and many other tasks .

How to setup Droidcam ?

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Droidcam needs to be installed on both pc and android to work .It can be setup using various modes like using wifi ,Usb cable ,Bluetooth server etc.

  1. Wifi -Mode – Wifi mode is always considered a better option because you don’t need to attach a cable to your device and can freely rome literally anywhere holding your android (camera) to show places to the one you are chatting to .You just need to copy the config details from your Android Mobile to Pc .In this case the mobile acts as server while the computer acts as a client .
  2. USB Mode – As the name suggests ,you need a usb data cable to connect your device into USb Mode to use Android’s Mobile camera as a webcam for video calling .Although the PC client provides maximum compatibility using all modes ,It is recommended for you to use Wifi Mode because there may be several kinds of error that may occur in Usb Mode such as missing drivers .
  3. Wifi Server : In this mode your computer acts as the server meanwhile the mobile acts as a client .This mode can be operated using 3g/Lte over an external Ip (Preferred) .Moreover both the mobile and the computer needs to be connected to the same server/Router .You can use your mobile’s camera within any range of the source say 10-15 m .(Only compatible with the paid version of Droidcam)
  4. Bluetooth Server : This mode is same as the wifi server ,the difference is just that it works over bluetooth rather than Wifi .(Bluetooth Tethering) (Only compatible with the paid version of Droidcam ).

Note : The metro version of skype may not work using Droidcam So, You will have to download the desktop version of Skype.

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Advantages of using Droidcam Over Webcam :

  • Provides better pixel quality than most of the webcam’s since it is basically based on how good your mobile camera is .
  • Easy setup and connection .No need to set up the device and webcam in order to get a clear view .
  • You cannot take your webcam to your other rooms if you want to show some stuff to the one you are video chatting to ,this is one of the many advantages of using Droidcam .
  • It’s the best app that you can get at the Google Playstore for converting your Android’s Device Camera into a webcam.

Download Droidcam App From Google Playstore 

Download Droidcam’s Pc Client

When  the connection is established successfully ,You can use Droidcam to chat to your friends on Facebook ,Skype ,Google Plus and many other sites using your mobile camera as a webcam for Video calling in Pc .If You liked the article “How To Use Android’s Mobile Camera As Webcam For Video Calling In Pc  – Droidcam” and “How to Convert your Android’s device camera into Webcam” then share it with your friends on Facebook,Twitter and G+ .Or Subscribe us !!

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