How to Unblock Facebook at School/Office Tutorial

Have you ever tried opening Facebook in school/office.If yes then most probably it would have not been connected.This is because most school,college and offices  block Facebook by network administrator hoping to increase the productivity of their employees or might have also tried to Unblock Facebook at School/Office with no success.This is very irritating as we can’t use Facebook even when we are having a free time. Almost every friend and relative is on Facebook and it is really disturbing for those people who have to work all day in office and want to keep in touch with them.

Don’t worry here are some tricks by which you can bypass filters to Unblock Facebook at School/Office.Here are some of the methods which will help you access facebook.

Using Secure Web Proxy

This is the easiest  way to access Facebook and other blocked website.They act as a middle man for all the traffic.The only need is to find some free proxy sites.Most of these sites are not free and need  you to pay before you can actually use them.Here is a list of some free proxy sites given for you to Unblock Facebook at School/Office.
SecuritalesThis site can override network restrictions and hence you can open any website thogh it has beenblocked by your network administrator.You can access any website anonymously.The same way it can open Twitter in Iran and play YouTube videos blocked in your country.It gives free trial period and also moneyback policy if you are unsatisfied by their servicel.

Unblock Facebook at School/Office

If you do not want to spend money just to access facebook try the following  free proxy site.

  1. kProxy
  2. Shadow
  3. Proxify
  4. 4Freeproxy

Open Facebook Directly by it’s IP Address

Opening Facebook directly by it’s IP address can sometimes do the trick as most administrator block Faceboook from the Windows host file or most filters uses the full URL in the configuration i.e. but not it’s IP address .You can find the IP address of any website using ping command.

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  • Open Command Prompt
  • Enter ping and press enter

Unblock Facebook at School/Office

Your system will connect the website and will show you the result.You need to identify the IP address.It is of four groups of up to three digits each.

Unblock Facebook at School/Office

Note down this address and paste it in the address bar to Unblock Facebook at School/Office.

Unblock Facebook at School/Office

Some site also provide to find the IP address of any website like Get site Ip.

Unblock Facebook at School/Office

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Using a VPN Server

Virtual Private Network works by creating a tunnel in the network by which any website can be accessed.These is a safe way to unblock Facebook than proxies.

Unblock Facebook at School/Office

some of the working VPN servers are:-

  1. CyberGhost
  2. Loki Network Project
  3. PacketiX

You can search for many other  VPN Server on Internet.

Using Opera Mini browser/Mobile version of Facebook

If you didn’t succeed by the above method,You can try the mobile version of the website to access Facebook.You can use the Opera Mini browser to Unblock Facebook at School/Office.Just go to Opera mini demo link.

 Unblock Facebook at School/Office


You can also use the mobile version of Facebook on Your PC.Enter in your web browser and you will see Facebook’s mobile version.

 Unblock Facebook at School/Office

I hope this would help you to Unblock Facebook at School/Office.If you have any query or problem regarding anything stated above .Feel free to share it with us by commenting below.If you were able to access Facebook by any of the above methods then share with your friends/colleagues on Facebook ,Twitter,Google Plus.Prefer Subscribing us to get more stuff like this.

Thank You 🙂

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