How To Solve Common Errors While Installing Bluestacks

How To Solve Common  Errors While Installing Bluestacks

If you want to run android apps on your system, then most probably you may be thinking of using bluestacks.It is the most stable and also most popular app to run android apps on system.But there are certain errors which may arise while installing bluestacks and most of the time it is possible that you will face one of these.Here I would be telling you about the most common error and will tell you “How To Solve Common Errors While Installing Bluestacks”

How To Avoid Common Errors While Installing Bluestacks

  • Your system configuration should be of good configuration for smooth running of app(you can check the minimum  configuration on google)
  • Your system drivers should be updated.

How To Solve Common Errors While Installing Bluestacks

1.Graphic Card Error

This problem arises when bluestacks doesn’t recognize your graphic card.Bluestacks need a good quality of graphic card since it runs android apps on pc.You should update your Graphic Card Drivers.If the problem still persist then follow these steps.

The graphic card is of two types.

  1. Microsoft’s proprietary Direct3D (used to run windows.)
  2. OpenGL(used to run android Programs.)

The possible reason to this is that when Window  is updated the Direct3D gets updated automatically but OpenGL never gets updated which is used to run android programs.Therefore this has to be done manually.

  • Right click on computer and click on manage.

Click on Device Management>Display adapter.

How To Solve Common Errors While Installing Bluestacks


  • Right click on version of your GPU and click Update Drivers.

Windows will now ask where do you want to search for the latest version of the device driver.

  • Click on ‘Search automatically for the updated driver software’.

How To Solve Common Errors While Installing Bluestacks

  • After completing installation,Restart your system.

Now try installing Bluestacks.This time it should install successfully.


2. Can’t Access Hard Drives From Bluestacks.

This problem is found on newer version of bluestacks as there is no direct option to open the file from the Application.For this you can Directly  Drag and Drop the file to bluestacks or you can also install file manager like Astro file Manager and browse file through it.

How To Solve Common Errors While Installing Bluestacks

3. At Least 2GB Physical Memory.

This error is also faced by people when installing bluestacks though they have much more free space in their Hard Disk’s.The reason behind it is that all Physical Memory is equivalent used for RAM.So if your system is running on less RAM then it won’t work out.The solution for this is that you have to Upgrade your RAM or try finding bluestacks of previous version because the old bluestacks can run with 1GB RAM.


  1. Downloading Runtime Data Error

This error is not a big concern and it has nothing to do with your system hardware.It is because of Bluestacks Server Problem.So Just stop the current installation and uninstall it.Now again install bluestacks after downloading a fresh copy of it.


How To Solve Common Errors While Installing Bluestacks

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