How to Root Android Phone Without PC:Complete Tutorial

How to Root Android Phone Without PC?I guess that most of the people are aware about rooting android phone but if somehow ‘NO’  then it’s not a thing to worry as in this article i will be covering the basic idea behind rooting android phone and also you will be able to Root Android Phone Without PC.Rooting android phone requires a considerable amount of time and also needs a use of PC/Laptop with other accessories.Here i will be guiding you to Root Android Phone Without PC.At first we should know what does rooting android phone means.

What does Rooting Android Phone Means?

Rooting in similar to Jailbreaking for android.You can have full ‘Root Access’ of your phone.With rooting you overcome with all the limitations and dive deeper into your phone sun-system.You will be able to customize about anything on your android including the entire operating system.It will let grab more apps,Underlock/overlock your processor and replace the firmware.I will words it will let you to get to the root of the operating system of your android phone.

Rooting Android Phone:Advantages

1. It unlocks hidden features and lets you install incompatible apps on your android phone.

2. It will boost your phone’s speed and increase battery life.

3. Remove the pre-installed apps or crap ware.

4. You can customize your android phone ROM.

5. It will let you install latest android OS

6. You can moves apps from internal memory to SD card and free some of your internal memory(This is useful for users having low internal memory phone)

If there are advantages then it will surely have some of the disadvantages too.

Rooting Android Phone:Disadvantages

1. Your phone warranty will void:-If your phone is new and is within the warranty period it is advised not to root your phone till it expires as rooting android phone leads to voiding the warranty.There are ways to unroot your android device and get your warranty back

2. Risk of Bricking your android:-While rooting,your phone software can get damaged and your phone will be useless like a brick.

3. A risk of Breach in your mobile breach:-If your phone is not protected by a effective mobile antivirus software there are more chances that malwares can get to your phone systems and harm them then in unrooted phones.

Disclaimer:- It’s up to you whether you want or not to root your android device.If yes,then do a very well research on the process.You can get help from any expert or contact your friends who have a experience of rooting android phone.The process of rooting may differ with smartphones their types or brand.You will be solely responsible for any harm occurred to your android phone and mistakes crawled in while rooting your device.

Can Android Phone be Unrooted?

Yes!!Rooting android phone is a reversible process and you can easily unroot your phone within few clicks.

How to Root Android Phone Without PC:Using Framaroot

1.  Download and install Framaroot App to your Android phone.

List of compatibility of Framaroot with devices

Root Android Phone Without PC,Rooting android phone

2. Select the Install Superuser” option in Framaroot.

Root Android Phone Without PC,Rooting android phone

3. Now select any of the exploits given in the App.

4. After some time you will see a message “Success,Superuser and SU binary installed.You have to reboot your device “.If you see a message “Failed” then try any other exploit available.

Root Android Phone Without PC,Rooting android phone

5. Now reboot your device and you will see a message “You have Successfully Rooted your phone”.

Root Android Phone Without PC,Rooting android phone

There are some other apps also which you can try like Universal AndRoot which can also Root Android Phone Without PC on a go.

Note:- Framaroot can only root device running on Android 2.0 to Android 4,2 Jelly Bean.

If you face any problem to Root Android Phone Without PC then feel free tocontact us.



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