How To Fix/Resolve Destination Path Too Long Error – Windows xp/7/8/8.1

We often come across many windows or File or OS errors all the time ,But  “Destination Path Too Long Error ” is one of a kind.The error can arise due to many reasons .You won’t be able to rename the file .The reason of this kind of error is that the source file name is larger than the supported file system .

Causes of “Destination Path Too Long Error”

  • The file is partially deleted from the source at any earlier point of time .
  • The file is currently used by the operating system (Best Possible Cause).
  • Either the path or code of the file has been tempered with .

Destination Path Too Long Error

Well before trying these methods first try the obvious solutions to solve the problem like renaming(if possible).

The solution differs in case there are a number of files.

Methods to Solve “Destination Path Too Long Error”

There  are two methods to solve this kind of error.

Method 1 :  Using Notepad

  • Open the notepad .Goto Run<<(Type in Notepad).
  • Drag the infected file to notepad.
  • Probably you would see some awkward script .
  • Select all and Delete .Save the file with different extension and delete it .

This is just the basic method.If it won’t solve the problem try this method.


Method 2 : Using Unlocker Software (Easiest way)

what is unlocker?

unlocker is a software that deletes any file by killing the cpu or windows process associated with it.Follow the steps to delete the infected file .

  • Download Unlocker from here and install it .
  • Now right-click on the infected file or folder and choose unlocker .
  • Unlocker will now show the processes using the file .
  • Select kill process and delete the file .
  • That’s it!!! It’s deleted .

In case of multiple files just select all and use the same trick .It is the simplest way to solve “Destination Path Too Long Error”  .

Note :- In some cases the file is being used by the explorer itself .So it will kill explorer for once .You  may restart the explorer at any time by  running task manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del) and type explorer.exe under the New task option in task manager.

Method 3 : Using Command Prompt

Well this is a little bit chaotic but it will work for sure .Follow the steps very carefully .

  • Create a temporary virtual drive in my computer.If you don’t know how to do it go to this link .
    • I have selected the drive letter as X  in this case .You may choose accordingly .
  • Run command prompt .Goto Run<<(type in cmd).
  • Type subst X:”your Source file path” = “the file pat you want to rename  “.In my case it was Subst X:”C:\New Folder\asa21321451516116165616516156115……dds44″= “N” .
  • Copy the file from the virtual drive created in the ‘My Computer’ and paste it anywhere to retain that file .
  • Drop the virtual drive by typing Subst X: /d .


Just download Long Path Tool software from here  to solve the problem .This software solves all your problem easily and efficiently .By far th e best software related to fix “Destination Path Too Long Error” .

If you have any query or doubts regarding any of the method then feel free to  share it with us by commenting below .If the information was helpful and you liked the content then please share this with your friends on Facebook ,Twitter and Google Plus or subscribe us for more interesting tech updates and solutions .

Thank You 🙂

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