How To Reset Windows 7 Rearm Count Tutorial

Reset Windows 7 Rearm Count

As we all know Windows need an activation key to be activated for which it gives you a Initial Grace Period license for 30 days,which can be further extended for another 30 days period by  a  slmgr (Software Licensing Management Tool) command to rearm or reset it.Unfortunately the rearm process has a limitation of upto 4 times i.e an user can use windows 7 for another 120 days after which the user has to enter a valid Registration Key  or use the  operating system in a non-genuine state.Which is actually very annoying and it has certain disadvantages such as.

  1. A notification message will appear repetitively stating  “This copy of Windows is not Genuine” .
  2. Your desktop background goes black.
  3. Effects the performance of you Computer and slows it down.
  4. Creates instability in your computer causing error in some of the programs.

Don’t worry here is a trick by which you can “Reset Windows 7 Rearm Count”


Activate windows using command prompt

To rearm windows 7 for another 30 days type slmgr -rearm command in cmd(It should be running in administrator privileges).See the following image

Command Prompt Command Entered


You can view your available rearm by typing slmgr -dlv in cmd .A window will pop-up like below image



See the remaining windows rearm count.If it says ‘0’ then you can see the following method of How To Reset Windows 7 Rearm Count Tutorial.

How To Reset Windows 7 Rearm Count Tutorial

This process works through a Windows Product Activation (WPA) vulnerability by which it is possible to reset the remaining rearm count back to 4. In this method the WPA registry key is deleted which contains the Last Rearm Time.To do so follow these steps.

  • Save the following commands to a .bat file and name it ‘reset.bat’ .
    reg load HKLM\MY_SYSTEM "%~dp0Windows\System32\config\system"
    reg delete HKLM\MY_SYSTEM\WPA /f
    reg unload HKLM\MY_SYSTEM
  • Place the file in C:\ root folder.
  • Restart your computer
  • Go to advanced Boot Options by pressing F8 and then Select the option to Repair Your Computer.
  • Select your keyboard input method, and click Next.
  • Now enter your user name and password to  login
  • In the “System Recovery Options”, select Command Prompt
  • Type C: to go to your main drive and execute the reset.bat file.(Here C: drive is used as an example as most of the computers have C: as their main drive.If your Main Drive  is not C: then type your main drive letter for e.g. D:)
  • A message should appear confirming that the commands were executed successfully.Now reboot your computer.

After Restarting login to windows.You will receive a message displaying  “This product is not genuine”.you need not to worry about it, just ignore it.

You can check your available rearm count by using command prompt window as administrator and then type the command slmgr -dlv.A window will pop up as previous with details similar to following.


License Status: Initial Grace Period
Time remaining: 30 days
Remaining windows rearm count: 3


Here you can see that the rearm count has been reset and now the Windows will run for another Grace period of 120 days.There is no limit on resetting the rearm count of windows 7.So theoretically you can use Windows endlessly without actually entering a genuine Windows activation key.

This was the guide for How To Reset Windows 7 Rearm Count Tutorial. .I hope this will help you out,If you face any problem or have any query relating to it then you can contact me by commenting below . If you find this article was helpful to you,then please share it with your family,friends on Facebook,Twitter,Google Plus,etc.Do SUBSCRIBE us or Follow us on Facebook for more such interesting topics.

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10 thoughts on “How To Reset Windows 7 Rearm Count Tutorial

  1. This deleted my product key. Now what? My windows is anyways not genuine and did not come with a product key

    • You can always enter a new product key into your windows based on the current operating system version like home basic ,premium and whether it is 32 bit or 64 bit .If you can give me the correct information and elaborate your problem .I can surely help you out regarding this matter .

      • I have the same problem, my product key was erased, and now my windows is still not genuine, bun now I don’t have the option to type a product key at all..
        It says: Status Not Available
        Product ID: Not Available

  2. Unable to reset win 7 rearm count as show. Message “unable to find”

    • If you tell me at what point/step you are getting this message and elaborate your problem a bit more,then surely I can help you.

  3. C:\Windows\system32>slmgr /dlv
    ‘slmgr’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
    operable program or batch file.

    C:\Windows\system32>slmgr -dlv
    ‘slmgr’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
    operable program or batch file.

    • Are you running command prompt with administrative privileges?Also make sure that you have given a space between “SLMGR” and “-REARM”.Hope this helps you out 🙂

  4. In my case, it is not recognising the reset.bat file that I saved.

  5. After pressing f8 and clicking repair it asks for a windows disc and I don’t have one. What gives?

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