How To Register Folder Lock 7 For Free In Windows xp/7/8/8.1

In this post I am going to show you How To Register Folder lock 7 For Free .Folder Lock as you all know is a wonderful software that let’s you hide your personal files and folders and encrypts the data so that it is inaccessible to anyone except you. i.e New Software’s Folder Lock is out of Bounds or say marvellous .

Register Folder Lock 7 For Free

It comes with a plethora of security features .Some of the features are listed below :-

  • Encrypts your files using 256 bits based encryption .
  • Seven outstanding features that makes it even more formidable .


Register Folder Lock 7 For Free

How To Register Folder Lock 7  For Free?

The technique behind registering the folder lock 7 for free is that we just have to make some tweaks in the running script that contains the information about product registration and evaluation .Folder lock just doesn’t get registered with any fake key you use .

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Method – How To Register Folder Lock 7  For Free

Follow the steps mentioned very carefully to successfully register your copy of folder Lock for free.

  • Download the trail version of Folder Lock from Here .
  • Now install the trial version in your Windows PC .
  • Disconnect your internet connection whether wifi or any other.
  • Once the product has been successfully installed .
  • On the second use it would ask you to register the product whilst offering a free period for you to use and register the product .

Register Folder Lock 7 For Free

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  • Now to register folder lock 7 for free follow the steps bellow :-

1.Open up Run by hitting Win + R key on your keyboard and type

                                                        notepad %windir%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts and hit enter .

2.Now the hosts notepad file will open just type the IP address in the following manner as shown in the image .


Register Folder Lock 7 For Free-

Save the file by pressing CTRL + S


  •    In windows 7 and 8 you won’t be able to save the file because the user account doesn’t have the required privileges .Follow these steps to save the file

1.Goto C:/<<windows<<system 32<<drivers<<etc <<hosts . Now right click on the host file and goto properties<<security<<change permissions for the user account .

2.Now press okay and close.

3.Now the notepad file can be saved easily .


Register Folder Lock 7 For Free -



  • Now open the Folder Lock .Now you will be able to Register Folder Lock 7 For Free  using the following keys i.e. Serial number and registration number .
  • Try the following keys and Register your copy of folder lock for free .

Register Folder Lock 7 For Free

SERIAL KEY : F7-20111116-7-829987



SERIAL KEY : F7-20111116-5-112259

REGISTRATION KEY : B20A7474A210C8B21EC0427214D828946EDABE1C



SERIAL KEY : F7-20111116-9-738667



SERIAL KEY: F7-20110917-9-172951


Now probably using any if the above keys you will be able  to register the folder lock 7 for free .

Register Folder Lock 7 For Free

 What  to do after product evaluation :-

  • Do not update the product after evaluation .
  • Repeat the method and use any other key if the product says registration failed in the near future .This won’t happen if you keep the Folder Lock offline while using Internet .
Credits : Sirdon /emydon on

If you have any problem of  any sort regarding the procedure mentioned above .Then feel free to share it with us .If you liked the trick “How To Register Folder Lock 7 For Free In Windows xp/7/8/8.1” ,then share it with your friends on Facebook ,Twitter and Google Plus .

Thank You 🙂


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  4. Phil Andrews says:

    I mean, you really didn’t do anything. You simply opened the HOSTS file, DID NOT add any IP’s to block, then saved the HOSTS file, and then closed the HOSTS file.

    That didn’t achieve a single thing.

    I fail to see how the hell this could work.

    • you will have to add a local host IP in the hosts file .This worked out for probably everyone .If it didn’t worked out for you,then elaborate your problem ..

  5. thanks for that
    do i need to Disconnect my internet every time i need to use it

    • Well you don’t have to disconnect the internet every time you use the software .But after using it two three times while the internet is turned on,You might have to register it once again using the same process .
      Happy To Help !!

      • To avoid multiple registrations,just create an inbound/outbound rule in windows firewall which will block folder lock program connecting to internet and identifying serial key mismatches….just google it to understand.Hope it helps:)

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