How To Recover Deleted Facebook Chat/Messages/Pictures/Videos – Step By Step Guide

How To Recover Deleted Facebook  Chat “Sounds a bit Tricky isn’t it??Well my friends this is the trick not many are aware of.There are many situations and cases in which we delete the chat that turns out out to be significant whether it was deleted knowingly or by mistake .In case we delete the whole thread ,All the messages gets lost at once ,and after some time we find out the important information that was exchanged in the chat like Some contact number .Well we all are pretty aware of such awkward situations .Only this time you’ve got a solution .Now you may not know but Facebook has been keeping an eye on you ever since you’ve joined it.That means Facebook records your every social activity and binds it into their own private box especially targeting your social activities .

In this article I will give you the step by step procedure that will provide you the precise information about “How To Recover Deleted Facebook Chat/Messages/Pictures” .

Just follow the steps mentioned in order to Recover/Retrieve your deleted Facebook profile pictures ,Chat Threads,Video,Albums and much more and get access to all that was deleted unintentionally .Basically you will get access to your whole Facebook profile back .Every single activity that has happened since you’ve joined Facebook .

  • Goto this link to open General Account Settings of your account .
  • Enter your login details if not already.
  • Under the general account settings panel you will see the option Download the copy of your Facebook data .Click on it!


How To Recover Deleted Facebook Chat

  • On the next page you will see the label for downloading the archived Facebook info associated with your Facebook account .Now click on “Start My Archive” .


How To Recover Deleted Facebook Chat

  • Another window will appear prompting you to enter the password again.Don’t worry it’s just for account security purposes .
  • After entering the password .Facebook will start to collect all the data and will email you the .html file to the data through email .Earlier it allowed the downloading at that very instant but now for some privacy reasons .It is mailed to you ,You will receive the mail as soon as the archive is ready .
  • Wait For a few minutes .check your email inbox.(For Gmail users please check the social column ).
  • GoTo the provided link.You’ll be again redirected to the Facebook page
How To Recover Deleted Facebook Chat

Click on Download Archive Option

  • Click on the download Archive button from here .A zip file will start to download .
  • Unzip the file .Open the folder Facebook_(Your username) .Goto Index page .Here you will find the whole chat thread .

The only problem is the layout is in no particular order .So this is a bit chaotic.Moreover under the photo section you will find all the photos you’ve uploaded .And much more features are available under the archive section like friends  list ,Pokes ,Pictures ,Videos etc.

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Thank You 🙂

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