How to Open BIN Files

Downloaded some stuff from the internet and surprisingly it came to be an image file and now you are wondering How to open BIN File on your computer.In this article we will be discussing all about How to open BIN File but first of all let understand what is a BIN File and advantages of a BIN File.

What is a BIN File?

The BIN file extension is associated with compressed binary files.The .bin extension is commonly used with CD and DVD backup image files and certain anti-virus programs.It may contain any type of date,encoded in binary form for computer storage and processing purposes.In some cases,BIN Files are saved in basic binary format and can be opened with a text editor.

Benefit of BIN FIles and Why are they Needed

1. Input and Output are much faster using binary data.The time difference is not a great deal but what if it contains millions of number of file for eg. Your PC game would crawl if it’s data was stored in character form.

2. Small in size:-A binary file is mush smaller than a text file for the same amount of data.This saves storage space,transmission and processing is fast.

3. Some kind of data can be represented only in binary files.

4. At last the logical one is that a human is hardly going to look at the individual data samples for eg he will be interested to look at the whole picture(GIF format) rather than at a individual pixels as numbers.

Method 1.Open BIN File:Burning the BIN File on CD/DVD

1.Things you will need

  • A CD or DVD to burn the BIN File on it
  • A CUE file.If you can’t find it create one by:-

Open Notepad and copy paste these lines

FILE “filename.bin” BINARY
TRACK 01 MODE1/2352
INDEX 01 00:00:00

 Replace filename.bin with the name of the BIN File you are trying to burn and save the file to the same folder with the BIN File.The name of both file should be same except the .CUE extension.


2. Run your Burning software.If you don’t have any software to burn BIN Files,download it.Some of them are CDRWIN,Alcohol 120%, and Nero.

3. Now load the image file CUE/BIN depending upon your software.

4. After loading it will show you the space it will require

5. Insert a blank disc and hit burn to start burning.

Wait till the process completes.Now you can open BIN File using this CD/DVD

Method 2.Open BIN File:Mounting the Image File

This method is fast and easy than the previous one as it doesn’t require any disk to burn and you can emulate your optical drive to mount this image file virtually.This  software makes your computer thinks that a disc has been inserted and will play it just like playing a disk.

Steps to Mount a BIN File

  • Download and install a software which will create a virtual drive.Daemon tools is quite famous for this purpose.
  • Right click on the software icon and select any virtual drive and click on Mount image.
  • Browse  for the folder where CUE and BIN File are present.Select CUE file and load it to mount the image.

Your image file is loaded and now you can run it just like a disc is played.

Note:-The image which are designed to run on computer can be loaded and mounting other image file will not work.

You can also convert BIN Files to other format like ISO.Windows 8 and OS X have built in software to run ISO file.Software like MagicISO and PowerISO can easily convert your file.

I hope now you will be able to open BIN Files but if you face any problem regarding this topic feel free to contact us.Thank You 🙂

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