How To JailBreak iOS 8.1/8 in iPhone 6/iPad using Pangu

The release if iOS 8/8.1 is some pretty news for all those apple users out there .There are many who have already updated there “i” devices or about to update or probably waiting for the jailbreak.Well here’s a wonderful news for  You .Finally the jailbreak is available for the latest iOS 8/8.1 devices .As you already know that once you’ve upgraded you device to the latest platform ,You can not downgrade it anyhow to the previous state unless services are backed up .

Well now you can, since the jailbreak is out for the latest iOS 8/8.1 which includes the latest iPhone 6 /6 Plus /iPad Air 2 /iPad mini 3 .If you are wondering How To JailBreak iOS 8.1/8 then here is the method for you .

Pre-Requisites for Jailbreaking Apple iOS 8/8.1

  • A windows PC with windows 7 and later .
  • An iOS device running on the latest iOS 8/8.1 if not then upgrade your device to the latest platform .
  • An USB data cable .
  • Pre-installed iTunes to acknowledge the connectivity between PC and iPhone .
  • Make a backup of iPhone/iPad just to on the safe side while connecting to the iTunes .Just select your device and choose “backup now” .

since there is no native method to jailbreak iPhone using Mac .So we’ll have to do it using windows or if you have mac you can also do it by running windows in virtual box or virtual machine on  Your Macbook .

Brief Description About The Method

In this method the jail braeking is done using pangu which was new to any iProducts and suddenly became popular with the release of jailbreak for iOS 7 and iOS  7.x .And since then they have kept up their good work and  now they have launched untethered jail break for iOS 8/8.1 .i.e you won’t have to jailbreak it after every reboot i.e. you will have to Jailbreak your device only once .It also offers you the advantage of installing Cydia .

So Let’s Get Started !!

Method — How To JailBreak iOS 8.1/8 in iPhone 6/iPad using Pangu 

Now you would probably know that jailbraeking your iPhone /iPad will void your warranty . But don’t worry it is fairly easy to regain it and bring back your iPhone to the non-Jailbreaked state .

Below is the step by step description as to how you can jailbraeak your latest iOS device .Follow these steps to JailBreak iOS 8.1/8 in iPhone 6/iPad using Pangu .

  • Download and install  Pangu from their official website .Run the setup as administrator .


How To JailBreak iOS 8.1/8 in iPhone 6/iPad using Pangu

Pangu English Version

  • Open the program as administrator by right clicking on it .
  • Now wait for it . If something goes wrong or the setup stalls without finishing then the icon will turn blue again .
  • After the upgrade ,Your device will reboot again and eventually it will take you to the first time setup that you do after an OTA update or after updating the device .

How To JailBreak iOS 8.1/8 in iPhone 6/iPad using Pangu


Now You can install cydia once you’ve jailbreaked the device .To install cydia  in your device .Follow the steps below :-

  • Click on the pandu icon you’ll find in the main menu dashboard .
  • In the NOTICE option ,it will prompt you to install cydia .Install cydia on your device to get some awesome tweaks and Jailbreak advantages .

How To JailBreak iOS 8.1/8 in iPhone 6/iPad using Pangu

For the first time ,It will ask you to install cydia rather then reinstalling it .Now click on “respiring” after the installation finishes .

How To JailBreak iOS 8.1/8 in iPhone 6/iPad using Pangu

Well that’s it !!! Install cydia and it will offer you some smart free options .Well it’s just a startup and there are many apps that offers you an endless number of privileges that you get after jail breaking your device .

Unjailbreaking iOS 8.1/8

Now to unjailbreak or to remove the jail break .If you have some problem regarding anything and you decide to get back to your previous verison of iOS and get your stock Rom back for warranty purposes .Then just follow these simple steps to get back to the previous or stock Rom .

  • Connect your device to iTunes using either Mac or Windows .
  • Prohibit any auto – synching from happening that are currently in progress or about to happen .
  • Hold the power button and Home button on your device for 10 seconds .
  • After that let go of the power button and hold home button for 5 more seconds .
  • If you tried this method in proper way.Then your device’s screen will go black and it will offer you to restore the device .
  • If it didn’t work out .Then try the method again .
  • If this too doesn’t work out then restore again from either pangu or iTunes .


Restore from the back you’ve made before Jail breaking the device .

Now if you’ve any problem in “How To JailBreak iOS 8.1/8 in iPhone 6/iPad using Pangu ” regarding any step in jail breaking or Unjailbreaking then share your query with us by commenting below .

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