How To Install Xprivacy and Xposed Framework In Yu Yureka [LOLLIPOP] [Root]

How To Install Xprivacy and Xposed Framework In Yu Yureka :-

Hi friends ,Sorry for not updating the website for a long time ,But this time we are back with another cool trick that will help you control all the app permissions and you can control what sort of permissions you need to provide to any app such as access to system or accounts of your android .


What is Xposed Framework ?

Xposed Framework let’s you install a custom built feature of various Rom’s into yours to bring functionality into yout android device .Suppose that you like a certain feature into sony xperia ,Now you want to install that feature into your device .Just search for the module support for that feature and if you can find it ,You can install it unto your device .

How To Install Xprivacy and Xposed Framework In Yu Yureka

How To Install Xprivacy in Micromax Yu Yureka:-What is Xprivacy ?

Xprivacy is a tool using which you can control the permissions that are by default given to any app when you download and install it from the playstore or from any other outsource .A very few of the people know about the real use of this application .

How To Install Xprivacy in Micromax Yu Yureka :- Advantages of using Xprivacy ?

There are uncountable ways in which this app might help you ,For instance ,suppose you have an application or game but whenever you play that game you get sick of the ads that comes in the game while you are playing it ,So what you do next is open the xprivacy app and switch of the intrenet access to only that app .Now you can play this game however you like without getting irritating ads while playing .

Control the app permissions of multiple apps to they cannot access the system files and important private data such as your login credentials ,you bank account ,Google account etc .

Pre-Requisites to  Install Xprivacy and Xposed Framework In Yu Yureka :-

  • Yu yureka pre rooted device .

  • A data cable .

  • A Pc/Laptop .

  • Xposed Framework Installer .

  • XPrivacy Installer .

  • Make sure your device is running on the Cyanogen OS 12  Lollipop (5.0.2 or later) ,If not update the device to latest firmware .

  • Installed custom recovery such as Twrp or CWM .

How To Install Xprivacy in Micromax Yu Yureka

  • Download the Xposed Framework Installer from here !
  • Goto the framework ,Probably it will say that device reboot required ,But this won’t take you anywhere .
  • Now Download and install Xprivacy from here .
  • Download this file and transfer it into the root of your SD card (Just sd card,Not into any folder)
  • Now  restart your device into recovery mode  by long pressing the power key and going into the recovery mode or manually by switching off the device and pressing both volume keys and power key at the same time until recovery shows up .
  • Select zip to install and locate the file which you just transferred into your sd card and drag the screen to flash the zip .
  • Now Goto Xposed framework <<Modules << Select Xprivacy .
  • Reboot your device and viola you have successfully installed Xprivacy into your Yu Yureka device !

How to make sure that everything has been completed successfully ?

In the Xposed Framework when you tap framework ,You will see that two active processes with certain values in green .(app_process and XposedBridge.jar)

Note :- Any member of Techchrist or publisher of this post is not responsible for any kind of damage to your device including hard or soft brick .Please follow the tutorial very precisely and only at your own risk .


Screenshots :-





xposed_Installer ,Xposed_Framewrok_Yu_yureka_Lollipop_5.1-Xposed_Framewrok_Yu_yureka_Lollipop_5.1-

Screen :4_If these versions of module are active,Then everything went all right !



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