How to Increase MTNL or BSNL Broadband Speed

MTNL(Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited) and BSNL(Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited) are India’s largest broadband internet service provider.MTNL provides internet services in states like Delhi and Mumbai whereas BSNL covers the rest of India.They are quite popular for their direct Broadband services and cheap planes as compared to other internet service providers.They are now also providing Wireless Data Card 2G/3G High speed Internet Connectivity designed for users who often travel while working.These internet service providers provide users with many different plan offers which are with unlimited or limited usage limit and different surfing speed such as of 4  Mbps,2  Mbps,etc.Among which the 512 kbps unlimited usage plan is most popular for domestic users.But besides it’s popularity there are problems readily encountered by users that the internet speed is very slow and is less than for what actually they are paying for.The users complain to increase MTNL or BSNL Broadband Speed.Here I will be discussing some methods by which you can increase MTNL or BSNL Broadband Speed.

NOTE:-The methods discussed below will not anyhow increase MTNL or BSNL Broadband Speed beyond the speed plan selected by you as it is possible that the speed has been restricted by your company.Hence it is almost impossible to increase MTNL or BSNL Broadband Speed beyond your subscribed plan.So,never try or buy softwares which claim to boost your internet speed to multiple times than actual as they may  cheat or harm your computer.This post will be helpful to those who are actually not getting the speed as promised in their subscribed plan.

Method 1:Changing The Reserved Bandwidth

Mostly people use Microsoft Operating system on there computer.These operating system are allocated with 20% of internet bandwidth in their default memory space.If the reserved bandwidth is deallocated to 0% then it will surely help you to increase MTNL or BSNL Broadband Speed (Browsing and Downloading ).To deallocate your reserved bandwidth just follow these steps:-

1. Press windows start button and type “gpedit.msc“.

2. A file named gpedit will to run that program

3. Now navigate to Computer Configuration>Administrative Templates>>Network>>QOS Packet Scheduler.

4. On right side of that window look for ‘limit reservable bandwidth‘.


5. Right click on it an select ‘Edit‘.

 increase MTNL or BSNL Broadband Speed

6. Make sure that the Enabled option is checked.

7. Below it you will see an option to change Bandwidth limit.Set the limit to zero as shown in image and press Apply.

 increase MTNL or BSNL Broadband Speed

You are done and the reserved bandwidth has been successfully deallocated.

Method 2:Changing the DNS address

This method involves the change and use of different Open DNS Address.This method will surely(worked for most) help you to increase MTNL or BSNL Broadband Speed.Follow these steps

1.Go to your Network Adapter Settings and select TCP/IP

go to this address to access Network Adapter Settings:-Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network and Sharing Center

2.Enter the DNS Addresses given below


Preferred DNS Address:
Alternative DNS Address:

or  you can use the following (optional) Google DNS Addresses

Preferred DNS Address:
Alternative DNS Adress:

Method 3:Using TCP/IP Optimizer

Trusted third party software’s can also be used to Optimize Your TCP/IP configuration setting automatically.This software optimizes your TCP/IP settings so that you receive the best out of your Internet.You can download it from here

1. Download and Install TCP Optimizer.

2. Open TCP Optimizer and go to Settings and move the Internet Speed Slider up to the Speed Provided by Your Internet Service Provider for eg say 1 Mbps.

increase MTNL or BSNL Broadband Speed

3. Check the Optimal Box present at below (see image)

increase MTNL or BSNL Broadband Speed

4. A new window will pop up.See that the Backup box(this will create a Backup of present settings) is checked and hit OK and Apply  Changes.

increase MTNL or BSNL Broadband Speed

5. Restart your PC so that  the new changes may come into effect

If you feel that your Internet speed is decreased by using this software then you can use the backup file created in the previous step and again restart your PC.

Hope the methods discussed above will help you to increase MTNL or BSNL Broadband Speed.If you have any doubt regarding the topic “How to Increase MTNL or BSNL Broadband Speed”,then feel free to contact us by commenting below.If you find this article was helpful to you,then please share it with you friends on Facebook,Twitter,Google Plus,etc.Do SUBSCRIBE us or Follow us on Facebook for more such interesting topics.Your little efforts will help us grow.Thank You :)

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