How To Hibernate In Windows 8/8.1 – Enable Hibernation In Your Latest Windows Pc


How to Hibernate In Windows 8/8.1

I had a hard time figuring this out myself .So,I thought sharing this info with all of you .As a matter of fact most people prefer to hibernate their Pc .Instead of Shutting Down or Putting it in Sleep Mode and that’s because it’s the best way to keep the things intact i.e. Once you hibernate your pc .All the current files folders and processes that are currently running in your Pc remains the way they are after you Power Off it (Hibernate) .The real advantage of hibernate is that it doesn’t eat your battery unlike in sleeping mode and obviously more flexible then Shutting down in terms of Start up tempo .Moreover, when you hibernate your Pc instead of shutting it down or putting it into sleep all your current files and processes are ready to go as soon as your Pc starts .



How does it work??

Well this will add an extra option in your Power Off Drop down panel for Hibernating your Pc .

As you are all aware off that in Windows 8/8.1 ,the hibernate option doesn’t come in handy .So here is a brief guide about “How to Hibernate In Windows 8/8.1” to help you out .

Step 1. Press “WIN + W ” on your keyboard to go to the search page in Windows 8/8.1 .Now type Power in the search space . A list of options will appear .

how to hibernate in windows 8/8.1

Go to Power options


Step 2. After clicking on the power options .A new control panel window will appear .Now select “Choose what the power buttons do” .

control panel power_options

step 3. Now click on “change settings that are currently available”  .This require administrative privileges Please ensure that you are the administrator.Now scroll down to shut down settings  and click or check the Hibernate option in  shut down settings .

How to hibernate  in windows 8/8.1Step 4 .Click on save settings .Now another option is added to the power menu .To see this Goto explorer screen by Pressing “Win+D” .Take your cursor to the extreme right corner of your screen .Go to Power option You’ll find another option or hibernating your windows 8 pc.

how to hibernate in windows 8/8.1

“Click on Hibernate “

This option will also be added to your normal power menu.Try “Alt + F4” .

That’s it !! As simple as that .Now try to run any video/game and Hibernate your Pc .It’ll resume from the same point .

If this method “How To Hibernate In Windows 8/8.1″ doesn’t work out for you please bring your query to us by commenting below .

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