How To Disable or Turn Off ‘Seen By’ Message in Facebook Chat

Facebook is the most popular social networking site till now and has come up with many great features.Back in 2012 Facebook introduced a new feature called “seen by” or “typing”.Through this feature you can know that the message sent by you has been actually read by him or not,if read then at what time.But later it started creating privacy issues like sometimes,you may not want your friend’s to know that you have read the message but as soon as you see the message a seen by confirmation is delivered to your friend.Well this feature may not always be helpful so her’s is method regarding”How To Disable ‘Seen By’ Message in Facebook Chat” .

   Fortunately there is a solution to it.By using third party solution this feature can be disabled.The solution is very simple an the logic lies behind is that an URL is attached which works as tracker for Facebook.The URL is shown below.$xmlhttprequest

Here in this Article I will be sharing with you some of the mostly used plugins and add-on that will help you on “How To Disable ‘Seen By’ Message in Facebook Chat”.The basic function is to block the above URL from tracking your browser.

How To Disable ‘Seen By’ Message in Facebook Chat

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Method 1 – Facebook Chat Undetected

Facebook Chat Undetected is a browser extension that blocks this URL and as a result hides the seen by feature for all Facebook chats.It automatically detects the web browser being used by you.To install Facebook Chat Undetected,Click here and then hit on ‘Get Chat Undetected’.

How To Disable ‘Seen By’ Message in Facebook Chat

If you are using chrome,it will download a set-up file to you hard disk . Run the file and install it.Your Facebook Chat Undetected will be installed.On Firefox just confirm to complete the installation.Restart your browser and you are done.

Method 2 – Facebook Chat Privacy

Facebook Chat Privacy is an another browser extension.It’s work is similar to ‘Facebook Chat Undetected’ .The only difference is that this extension is only available for the Google chrome browser.Click here to install it.

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Method 3 – Social Reviver

Unlike other browser extensions,Social Reviver is an advanced version for browser.It not only disables the seen  by feature but also has some other exciting options like you can change your fFacebooklayout to the old one i.e. pre 2011 layout.You get an option to disable Facebook timeline and chat sidebar.
How To Disable ‘Seen By’ Message in Facebook Chat

This extension is available for Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome and RockMelt.You can install this extension from here.

Method 4 – Adblock Plus Filter

Adblock Plus has been used by many of us mainly to disable youtube ads but it can be used to disable the seen by feature in Facebook.As explained before the only motto of these extensions is to block that URL which tracks your browser to check if the message is read or not and Adblock Plus filter serves the purpose

  • If you are already using Adblock Plus(FOR FIREFOX USERS),then click on the Adblock Plus icon and go to Filter Preferences> Custom Filters.
  • click on Add Filter Group and name it(make it easy and memorable).
  • Now click on Actions > Show/hide filters > Add Filter, and the following code in it.


If you are a chrome user then open chrome://extensions and hit Options for Adblock Plus,Go to add your own filter>Add Filter and paste the following code in it.


  • Click on Add Filter to confirm.
  • If Adblock Plus is not installed to your browser then you can get it from the get add-on option.

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  1. I usually use Facebook to connect with my friends from anywhere. Though it is a great platform, but we feel insecure about our privacy. This is a great article to disable seen option which gives some more privacy security. I have installed the Facebook Unseen extension to my chrome and it’s really working well.

    Thanks a lot from my side……

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