How To Customize/Create Folders Of Different Colours In Windows – xp/7/8/8.1

Customize/Create Folders Of Different Colours In Windows : It has been so long , that you are tired of seeing that yellow colour on the folder in windows and there is absolutely no way to change the colour in the windows settings and It is difficult for you to spot the right folder in the herd of so many folders .Well now is the time for some change .Changing the colour of the folder is the solution ,this way you can easily spot the right folder instead of relying on just folder names and searching the right folder using search feature .We want our Pc to be organized and work according to our needs not the custom made windows .

Create Folders Of Different Colour

Create Folders Of Different Colour,folder colorizer ,coloured folder



Changing the colour of the folder can let you easily identify the folder you were looking for .You can customize your folder with different colours using a simple software called Folder Colorizer .Now you may find various software’s over the internet using which you can customize your Pc in many different ways but it has never occurred to  many that there is a need of softwares like Folder Colorizer using which you can easily find out a unique folder in the hers of unsorted folders .

How To Create Folders Of Different Colour

This can be easily done using Folder Colorizer .Follow these simple steps to Customize Your folders using various colours .

1. Download and install the software Folder Colorizer into your Windows Pc .It is compatible with all windows version including 8.1 .This software is tested,authentic and 100 % virus free .

2. Now after installing the software Folder Colorizer ,for changing the colour of the folder simply right click on any folder to change the colour of that particular folder .You can change the colour of any folder that you like .There is no boundation or restriction for changing the colour of the folder.

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Features Of Folder Colorizer

  • Create any number of coloured folders .
  • Create custom colours from the list simply by picking any colour and adding it to the default list .
  • Compatibility with windows xp/7/8/8.1 .
  • Restore original colour if you don’t like one .

How To Restore original colour Of A Colorized Folder

Right click on the colorized folder.Scroll down and Click on Restore Original colour to remove the effect of folder colorizer .

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Create Folders Of Different Colour,folder colorizer ,coloured folder



Using photo colorizer ,you can easily create coloured folders in windows that will help you differentiate and sort out a particular folder .You can Customize and provide colours to different folders in the windows and undo it!!

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