How to Change Country in Google Play Store

Change Country in Google Play Store: Google Play Store is the Google’s official store to provide Apps for Android devices. The Categories include Games, Magazine, movies, and many other applications to browse and download from it.

The Google Play Store cover more than a million of Apps and with so many apps there are some error also which occur sometimes while downloading, upgrading or purchasing Apps. We have tried to cover some of those errors in our blog and some days ago a new error has come into notice which is Google Play Store Error 194 and we will try to cover this Google Play Store Error 194. If you want any suggestion on How to Resolve Google Play Store Error 194, Just share your issue with us by commenting below  and we will provide you with a solution to fix Google Play Store Error 194 till we post a complete procedure on it.


Change Country in Google Play Store, Google Play Store Error 194


I am writing this post as many of our followers have complaint that the Google Play Store does not show the correct country name (The reason can be any). Some disadvantages of wrong country name is that you cannot buy apps from Google Play Store and also as Google Play Store show Apps based on your location, hence you might not be able to view all apps if they are restricted in the country name listed in your Play Store account.

NOTE: These methods are applicable for those whose account is showing wrong Country name like if they have shifted recently and the account is showing the previous name.But you will not be able to circumvent your location by these methods.

How to Change Country in Google Play Store

Method 1: Change Country in Google Play Store


  • Sign into your Google Wallet account at and click the Settings icon in the top corner.

  • Click Edit next to the “Home Address” listed and update the address.


Change Country in Google Play Store, Google Play Store Error 194


  • NOTE: This is different from the “Address Book” which holds shipping addresses.

  • You need to delete all the payment methods from Google Wallet and add a card to one with a billing address located inside your current (desired) country.
  • Open the Play Store and navigate to any item available for download.

  • Click to begin a download until you reach the “Accept and buy” screen (no need to complete the purchase).

  • Close the Play Store and clear data for the Google Play Store application (Settings > Apps > Google Play Store > Clear Data) or clear your browser cache.


Change Country in Google Play Store, Google Play Store Error 194


  • Re-open the Play Store. You should now see the Play Store that matches your default payment method’s billing country. This way you can Change Country in Google Play Store.


  • For legal reasons, you’ll need to sign new Terms of Service if you change your home country.
  • If your Google Play balance is higher than these amounts, you won’t be able to change your home country. If it’s under those amounts and you change to a country with a different currency, you won’t be able to see or use your remaining balance until you switch back to a country where that currency is used.
  • If you have a Wallet Balance higher than USD $10, or a Checkout Merchant account, you won’t be able to change your country.

TIP:- If the above method doesn’t works, You can also try Completing the purchase process for an app, No need to worry you can refund your balance by returning the app within 2 Hrs of Purchase using this link.Click here

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I hope this helps you out but if still face any problem on How to Change Country in Google Play Store or have any issue regarding any step on the above explained procedure (or on Google Play Store Error 194) then feel free to contact us by commenting below, we will try to help you at the earliest.



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