How To Bring Start Menu Icon In Windows 8

Wondering  How To Bring Start Menu Icon In Windows 8?? Well here is the trick ,Many people are accustomed to use the start menu icon as in case of windows 7 and windows xp and earlier versions of windows .Well most of you must be knowing that this is one of the greatest drawback in windows 8 which was later recovered in windows 8.1 or you can say that windows 8.1 was precisely built to overcome the drawbacks of windows 8 such as the start menu icon .Moreover windows 10 technical preview has the traits of both the start options i.e. like windows 7 and windows 8.1 . So this makes it easy to use and more sophisticated than the previous versions of windows .Since windows 8 is much better than windows 7 and well the User interface and design is much better in Windows 8 than in any other earlier version of windows . Well for all those of you who don’t have any plan on upgrading your version of windows or moving on from windows 8.Here is a option for you ,in this article I am going to show the ways using which you can bring the Windows start menu icon in your Microsoft Windows 8 .

How To Bring Windows Start Menu Icon In Windows 8

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There are two ways by which you can bring start menu icon in windows 8

Method 1: Classic Shell (Bring Start Menu Icon In Windows 8)

How To Bring Start Menu Icon In Windows 8

Classic shell is a software that provides you a custom shell on the left side of your home screen just like as in case of windows 7 and xp .Using classic shell you can easily  Bring Start Menu Icon In Windows 8.Classic shell offers you the same look and better advantages over the default same look of windows start menu. It is highly optimized to provide you the best features and user interface thereby solving various problems that you probably face during searching some stuff in the start menu .

Other Features of Classic Shell

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  • Highly customizable windows start menu options with multiple accessories and programs access .
  • Works in Windows xp,7 and later vaersions of windows thereby replacing the current start menu screen of the windows .
  • Toolbar and status bar under windows explorer and local disks.
  • Status bar for Internet explorer .
  • Highly compatible with any version of windows whether 32 bit or 64 bit Operating system .
How To Bring Start Menu Icon In Windows 8



In the above screenshot you will get idea of how it works .Well for the starters it has the start menu screen and which does most of the task on its own without having to search for most of the things .And the image is automatically synchronized from the control panel options of the windows .Well for their wonderful work you would surely like to donate some bucks for the effort they put into this work .

Method 2 : How To Bring Windows Start Menu Icon In Windows 8

There is another alternative to classic shell .

Alternatives to classic shell – Windows Start Menu 8 

How To Bring Start Menu Icon In Windows 8



Start menu 8 is specially designed to overcome the lackness of windows 8 in providing a windows startup icon .So you can either use this .The script of this software is almost similar to that of windows 7 and this too replaces the default current start Menu to this .This is infact very beneficial for the starters and works great .

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