How to Hide Files behind Image File Format:Complete Tutorial

In many of my posts I have discussed about various ways to secure and protect your sensitive data from being misused by any other person.Generally for hiding files people use many softwares but the risk with these software is that they might be stealing your information,you might forget their password and all.Moreover if you use these software the other person may not find out what you are hiding but will certainly understand that you are hiding something from him/her.Wouldn’t it be a great idea that to hide files in such a way that the file is in front of him but he may not be able to figure it out.Surely there is a way,In this post I will be  discussing a cool way to Hide Files behind Image.In this way the files will be hidden behind a image and the person will only be able to see the image unless you tell him.This is also a safe way to send file to other person internet because only the sender and receiver knows that the main file is hidden behind the Image and for others it’s merely a picture that you are sending.Following is a tutorial to Hide Files behind Image

For this task you need to have WinZip or WinRar installed on you PC and some basic knowledge of Command Prompt.

Hide Files behind Image:Step by Step Guide

Step 1. Select the files which you want to hide and add them to convert into .Zip or .RAR Format.Name this compressed file e.g Hide.rar

Step 2. Create a folder on your Desktop.

The Folder can be created on any drive on your PC but on Desktop it will certainly make work easy.For this tutorial we have created the folder on desktop for your ease.

Step 3. Move the file Hide.rar” (compressed recently) to this folder.

Step 4. Now select an image(named image) which will be used to  Hide Files behind Image and move this image to the same folder which you have created in Step 2.

Step 5. Open command prompt on your PC and type cd desktop


By using the above command you have changed your directory to desktop.

Step 6. Enter the following command

Copy /b imagename.jpg + filename.rar finalimage.jpg

Replace imagename.jpg with the name of image you using to hide file behind it and filename with the name of file you are hiding.Replace finalimage.jpg with any name you want to see at the end of the image with files hidden behind it.


For this tutorial the command will be

Copy /b image.jpg + Hide.rar Techchrist.jpg

Success,now you are able to Hide Files behind Image.If you check the size of the image it will be same as of the compressed file.

How to access the hidden files

The image file which has the files hidden behind it by default will open as a normal image but if you wish to access the hidden file,simply right click on the file and choose open with WinRar.Another way is by renaming the image from .jpg to .RAR and doing this will automatically open the file with WinRar.

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