Govt. Launches Travel Planning App for Android:Tripigator

Travelling is always Fun and relaxing.It lets us see the beautiful places of the world.But if you are travelling to a new place in India then you can only rely on your own research and knowledge about that place but if you are completely new and don’t have any idea about that place and thinking to take help from tour operators then there are chances that you will be misguided by them for their own benefits and making you spend more that it actually would be.But travelling should be amusing and fun.hence some encouragement was needed from the govt.They realized the problem faced by tourists and started to bring them into trust by first introducing and now the Govt official Travel App Tripigator is doing the same.This app is available now for only Android devices and is free to dwnload in play store.Some of the features of the Govt official Travel App Tripigator are discussed below

Govt Official Travel App ‘Tripigator’

At the launching of this Govt Official Travel App Tripigator at Transport Bhawan in New Delhi, Parvez Dewan, Secretary, Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, said that travellers will be able to design their own itineraries based on their budget and areas of interest.“With the introduction of this mobile app, travelling to and from India will be at an aspiring traveller’s finger tip. Keeping in mind the reach of smartphones and mobile technology, we hope that as our official travel planner, will make this travel-planning process more enjoyable,” he said.The app is available in the Google play store by the name Tripigator(by it’s around a size of 9.9 Mb and free to download.After installing You need to sign up(You can use your Facebook or Google account to sign in).

Govt official Travel App Tripigator



You will experience a visually appealing user interface.From here you can plan a trip as tripigator aggregates the information from all over the web to create personalized holiday itineraries with live prices.The trip can be customized by adding multiple destinations, dates of travel, number of persons, cost (budget to luxury), interests (adventure, culture, family, romance, etc), and ‘energy level’ (relaxed to active) according to your choices a itinerary will be created,with flight,stay option and recommendation and also computes the cost of the trip.The Trip can be saved  or you can invite friends to collaborate and modify the itinerary.This app will make you a traveler from tourist.

Govt official Travel App Tripigator

If you don’t have a plan then you can use the next feature to discover Amazing Destination spot in India.You can filter the search with option of During i.e. the period on year in which you wish to travel,Partner(alone,spouse,family,friends),Interest(adventure,romantic,spiritual,etc) and at last select any particular Region you which to visit in India.

Govt official Travel App Tripigator

The Near Me Now feature helps you to discover Eateries,Hotels,Health and ATM,Activities nearby you.It will recognize your location to search nearby places.Hence if you are not planning to go big then also this app is useful to You.It has a comprehensive information on 350+ destinations, 4000+ Activities, 18000+ Hotels with travellers review, 20000+ Restaurants, millions of flight, bus, train routes all with prices.This is all done using “big-data technology”.

Govt official Travel App Tripigator

On the conclusion it can said that the Govt Official Travel App Tripigator is a win for it.As it has got an average rating of 4.5 stars and almost every user is happy with it.This is a good step but some more encouragement is required from Government to increase indian tourism.


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