Google Chrome Browser’s Offline Dinosaur Game For Android and PC

There are something that you don’t know about chrome browser and how efficient it is in solving your problems related to internet ,It is by far the best browser I’ve ever used .Google designed a game for you to goof around even when your internet is not working or in case there is some problem due to which you see the t-rex dinosaur along with the message Unable to connect to the internet . There is a hidden secret game in Google Chrome browser that works when you are out of network and believe me if not very cool but it’s fun to play atleast better then the boredom that you’ve to face when  your internet is out of luck .It happens with most of the active internet users all the time either you are using broadband connection or the cellular network ,This network problem can occur due to any possible reasons like wrong Ip or Limited connectivity due to restricted privileges .

Google chrome dinosaur game t-rex

Google chrome T-Rex Gif


The T-Rex dinosaur game helps you kill your boring time without internet and free to play .Works in Android whether you’ve installed the chrome browser or it came pre installed in your device .

How To Start Dinosaur game on Google chrome in Pc and android ?

Well there is not much to do to start the game ,Just press the up key from your keyboard when you are out of luck with the internet and facing the network error close to “Unable to connect to the network” with the T-rex dinosaur in the frontyard of the page .

  • Press The up key from your keyboard or 
  • Press the space  bar to start 

What does the T-Rex Dinosaur Signifies in google Chrome ?


T-Rex dinosaur

Image Credits : dumpaday

Well they say that the tyrannosaurs that use to live way  back before the stone age  could not catch their prey’s due to their very short arms .Well depicting the same dinosaur hereit is unable to catch the internet .Funny story it is !

Google Chrome version required to play the Game ?

This game feature is present  in latest version of Chrome (after 38.0.2125.122) .Any version before this is considered obsolete for this wonderful game .

So that’s it for now folks .Hope you like the article “Google Chrome Browser’s Offline Dinosaur Game For Android and PC”

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