What are Registry Errors and How to Fix Registry Errors

How to Fix Registry Errors:Windows Registry errors can arise in any computer and hence they should be checked regularly.This applies to new computers also even though there are no visible errors,still they need to be checked on a regular basis.The reason behind it is that these errors may not be cause problem but will accumulate and cause severe problems.

What are Windows  Registry

Windows Registry is a hierarchical database that stores configuration settings and options on Microsoft Windows operating systems. It contains settings for low-level operating system components and for applications running on the platform that have opted to use the Registry. The kernel, device drivers, services, SAM, user interface and third party applications can all make use of the Registry. The Registry also provides a means to access counters for profiling system performance.

Windows Registry Errors:Problems

Windows Registry errors can cause severe problems to your PC like

  • Takes more time for start up and shut down.
  • Application will crash on a regular basis.
  • Numerous insensible error messages because of broken paths,missing links,etc.
  • In extreme cases your PC will not be able to start windows.
  • If Windows Registry File size exceeds assigned size limit,any modification will be disallowed.

Windows Registry Errors:Fixed

Method 1:Windows Registry Errors using System Restore

System restore can revert your computer’s settings to a previous saved restore point.This is useful when a recent change in your system has caused Windows Registry Errors.Follow the steps below to Fix Windows Registry Errors:-

  • Click on start menu and type “Restore“.Click on “System Restore”

Windows Registry,System Restore,Windows Registry Errors,Registry Errors

  • Windows will select the most recent restore point(Only if the computer has System Restore enabled)

If you don’t have any restore points tick “Show more restore points” .Each restore point will have all details like Date of creation and reason for it creation.

  • Click on Scan for affected programs.After scanning it will show you programs /drivers which will be deleted or may not work properly.
  • Click NEXT and then click on FINISH

Windows Registry,System Restore,Windows Registry Errors,Registry Errors


Your PC will now REBOOT and may take a couple of minutes.

Note:-System restore will not affect any of your personal files.

Method 1:Windows Registry Errors Using CCleaner

If you don’t want to do the stuff by yourself.Install a software that can fix Windows Registry Errors.Here we are using CCleaner to perform the task.You can download it from the link provided.Free version is able do your task but if you want to buy it click on Buy Now or else click Free Download.

Windows Registry,System Restore,Windows Registry Errors,Registry Errors

  • Install the CCleaner and then run it.
  • Click Registry and make sure that all the boxes are checked.
  • Now click Scan for Issues to begin the scanning process of your Windows Registry.

Windows Registry,System Restore,Windows Registry Errors,Registry Errors


The Windows Registry Errors will be displayed on the right pane if found any.Tick the boxes of the errors found and click Fix Selected Issues

Windows Registry,System Restore,Windows Registry Errors,Registry Errors


  • Make a backup of changes to the registry.To ensure restoration if anything goes wrong.
  • Click “Fix All Selected Issues” and wait till all processes are done.
  • Click CLOSE and then restart your PC.

NOTE:-You can fix Windows Registry Errors manually but you need to be a expert for this as any wrong step can make your system inoperable.

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