Fix No Camera Available in Mac OS X

Fix No Camera Available in Mac OS X:Webcam is a great way to connect with our friends,family and associates.Most of the Macs come with an built-in camera to make your video calling experience more convenient.There are many users who face error called No Camera Available while accessing their camera for facetime,skype or any other app that requires camera usage.This not a hardware related problem as many people think like it is.It is a somewhat like a bug related  issue which causes the No Camera Available error and it is simple to fix this issue.In this article I will tell you about the reason for No Camera Available error and ways to fix it.

Fix No Camera Available in Mac OS X

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Fix No Camera Available:Cause

It is quite obvious that a question will strike in your mind when you start an app to do video chat and it displays No Camera Available error and you are wondering why is this error occurring?is my webcam damaged?There are two possible reason for No Camera Available error.

  •  it may be just because of VDCAssistant which sends unnecessary crash reports and creates a mess between the closed apps.
  • Another reason for it is the driver issue.There might be no driver on your Mac OS X installed for your Camera.

Let us now discuss about the ways to Fix No Camera Available in Mac OS X

Fix No Camera Available in Mac OS X

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Follow the steps below to Fix No Camera Available in Mac OS X

  • The first step is to close all the applications on your Mac which uses or using the Camera such as FaceTime and Skype.
  • Go to LaunchPad and then to Terminal.
  • Now type the command given below in Terminal as it is and run it

sudo killall VDCAssistant

You need to enter the administrative password when asked.It is required to execute a command with superuser privileges.

  • Now go back and launch an app(FaceTime/Skype) to check if your Webcam is working or not.Most of the time this method works and you will not face No Camera Available error.

The reason behind this error and solution is that Mac OS X launches background app called VDCAssistant.This is required when an application using webcam is launched but this if this background process is not closed properly and the application is closed then it will hog up the resources and prevent any other app from accessing the camera.

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Thanks for reading the article on Fix No Camera Available in Mac OS X.I hope this will help you with your issue.Let us know if this works out for you by commenting below.You can ask us by commenting below.

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