Facebook Introduces ‘Safety Check’ Tool For Disasters

When a disaster hits or crisis occur,the first thing that comes is to save our life and of our loved ones,though you are out of the affected area.The where about of our Friends and Family makes us worried.The lack of information about them creates panic and chaos.At this point communication system is very crucial as it helps to reduce our worries by contacting our loved ones.But it’s quite impratical to call/receive people and know about them.Hence a platform was required where this information can be shared at once.As we all know that Facebook is the worlds most popular social networking site.Where people come and connect with people.So why not to use it when we are struck in danger and need help.Like when Earthquake and Tsunami devasted Japan in 2011 Facebook Engineers of Japan worked hard to built a tool that would help people connet and communicate with friends and family in the event of Natural Disasters.These tools were available only in Japan but on October 16,2014 the Founder and CEO of Facebook introduced this new feature called Safety Check Tool by Facebook to the World at an event in Tokyo.

Safety Check Tool by Facebook

.The features of Safety Check Tool by Facebook are discussed below

Safety Check Tool by Facebook:In Detail

This tools works by designating particular area according to their type of Danger Zone for e.g Tokyo can be assigned as danger zone for Earthquake.People already use Facebook to tell their friends that they are Fine and away from Harm after any disaster.But the Safety Check Tool by Facebook will make it easier to tell friends and family that you are safe or check for others that are in the affected areas.

Safety Check Tool by Facebook

The Safety Check Tool by Facebook will be available worldwide on the Social network for it’s 1.32 billion users on computer and mobile devices(this includes the basics feature phone also).It will determine your location by looking at the city you have listed in your profile,your last location if you have opted in to the nearby friends product and city where you are using the internet. This tools gets automatically activated after a natural disaster hits,If you are in the affected area.You will receive a Facebook notification asking if you’re safe or you’re outside the affected area.

Safety Check Tool by Facebook

If you are safe then mark “I’m Safe” and a notification and News feed story will be generated with your update.You can also mark your Friends as safe (your friends need to approve it).The same will happen if you have a friend in the affected area and the tool has been activated,you will receive a notification about those friends that have marked themselves as safe.By clicking on the notification will take you to Safety Check bookmark and show you a list of their updates.

Safety Check Tool by Facebook

At last it can be said that it’s quite appreciable that a website big such a big coverage of people has taken a initiative to help their users when they need it the most.

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